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Panty Man
14th Nov 2012

The Bride And The Bitch!!
Femme Fight
3rd Aug 2006

Bride to be, Morrigan, is admiring herself all dressed up in her ivory wedding dress when bitch Corinne enters. Corinne is pissed that someone has ruined her own dress and she is almost certain it is Morrigan. If Corinne's day is ruined, she'll make sure she ruins Morrigans. She lunges for Morrigan determined to rip the wedding dress right off her!

Bride And Bridesmaid!
Femme Fight
21st Dec 2005

Petra is seriously pissed at the fact that Sammie managed to marry her ex lover. After all, they only recently broke up but Sammie was kind enough...or catty enough to invite Petra to the wedding. There was only going to be one outcome. Petra sees RED and fly's into Sammie ripping her gorgeous silky wedding dress piece by piece....


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