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Photos & Videos of Chanta

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Panty Man
7th Sep 2015


Chanta And The Shrink
Damsels in Peril
6th Jan 2007

Chanta is trying to get to the bottom of her bondage desires as she discusses them with her shrink. She feels if she could live them, just once, then they may go away. Enter a hapless, beautiful blond, Clair, who has broken down nearby and asks to use the phone. The shrink looks at Chanta and tells, "Now's your chance.." Chanta seizes the moment and within moments, the blond is knocked out and getting trussed up..!

Chanta Vs Clair
Fantasy Fetish Fights
16th Dec 2006

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Kumi Vs Chanta Rose !
Femme Fight
1st Nov 2006

Kumi and Chanta are two great babes from America, and when we booked them for a modeling shoot, we didn't quite realize how much they hate each other. As this fight starts, they seem to be having some fun but then it all gets a load more serious when Chanta starts ripping at Kumi's dress. Within seconds, both girls are ripping each other clothing off and wrestling on the floor, both determined to get the better of the other!....

Fetish Bitch Chanta Vs Kumi
Fantasy Fetish Fights
21st Oct 2006

81 images

Chanta Vs Kumi
Fantasy Fetish Fights
14th Oct 2006

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Chanta & Sammie
Satin Silk Fun
31st Aug 2006

352 images

Satin Silk Fun
31st Aug 2006

118 images

Sammie & Chanta Rose
Lethal Lipstick
17th Jun 2006

Sammie has been told to give Chanta back up at the hit, but there is something Sammie doesn't know..


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