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Damsels in Peril
30th Jul 2011

Amber West has been acting a little suspiciously coming through customs. Evey Krystal's has noted the red heads movements and pulled her aside for some closer scrutiny. Does Amber have anything to hide?

Femme Fight
19th Jul 2011

Customs Officer Amber West has pulled Evey Krystal aside for a strip search. She's certain Evey is concealing something and she's determined to find out what. Evey though is in no mood to be compliant..

Lethal Lipstick
25th Jun 2011

Customs Officer Amber West has stopped Evey Krystal. there is something very suspicious about the blonde from eastern europe, and the officcer wants to get to the bottom of it.

Femme Fight
17th Aug 2010

Customs officer Farrah Faith is determined to strip search this bland bitch she suspects of carrying something she shouldn't, but the blond bitch is equally determined to stop her!


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