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Panty Maniacs
22nd Jan 2014

77 images

Ripping 4 Fun
6th Oct 2010

Nurse Fifi trashes her uniform, completely shredding it, even destroying her nylons.

Emma Clair Vs Fifi Russo!
Fantasy Fetish Fights
28th Nov 2009

60 images

Emma Clair Vs Fifi Russo
Femme Fight
20th Oct 2009

Emma Clair and Fifi go at each other in this frenzied clothes ripping, hair pulling catfight!

Bexey Vs Fifi Russo
Fantasy Fetish Fights
9th Aug 2008

101 images

Emma Clair Vs Fifi In An Apartment Catfight
Femme Fight
30th Apr 2008

These two great UK glamour babes just relish the chance to get at the other. They are both just home back from work but they have both had enough of the other. All sorts of reasons make a great reasonto settle the score once and for all.

Emma Vs Fifi Russo
Fantasy Fetish Fights
12th Apr 2008

69 images

Emma Clair Vs Fifi Russo
Femme Fight
9th Apr 2008

Emma and Fifi have a good honest clothes ripping catfight as they tear and rip at each others clothing. Both girls are determined to win but there can only be one winner..


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