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Damsels in Peril

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Officer Lucy Alexandra
Damsels in Peril
15th Nov 2018

Recruitment officer Lucy Alexandra is interviewing Amber Jayne for her application to join the Navy though it seems Amber isn't really what they are looking for as she just doesn't have the qualifications to be admitted. 'So you're calling me stupid..?!' Amber says before taking action

Darcy Rosa
Damsels in Peril
12th Nov 2018

Private detective Darcy has almost completed her investigation at the remote location when something very unexpected happens to her and in a flash, the confident young blond finds herself stripped, Bound, Gagged and groped..there is nothing she can do

College Girl Bustup
Damsels in Peril
1st Nov 2018

College girls Zoe Page and Ivy R are having an argument over who should have completed which assignments. It seems Ivy has failed and Zoe isn't going to let Ivy ruin her reputation and so now Zoe takes it upon herself to do the same to Ivy..' Brace yourself sweetie..' she tells Ivy

Damsels in Peril
31st Oct 2018

Housewife Frankie returns from a shopping and begins to unpack her bags all the time unaware of the intruder lurking behind her. It seems 'The Bandit' is ready to strike again and soon poor Frankie finds herself stropped, bound and cleave gagged with som random stranger groping her boobs

The Diplomat'S Wife
Damsels in Peril
25th Oct 2018

The diplomat's wife has been taken and is being held in a safe house whilst her Russian husband is being interrogated. It may take a while so the officer in charge of her has to keep her quiet and so it would be a good idea if her captive could sleep quietly whilst they waited

Katie Lou
Damsels in Peril
19th Oct 2018

Katie has come to the office late at night when she arrives, no one is around, but there is a chair in the office with a rope on on it. What's going on she wonders and she considers leaving.It would have been a good idea for her as 'The Bandit' is lurking and it may not end well

Princess Alicia
Damsels in Peril
13th Oct 2018

Alicia has just gotten ready for a night out but 'The Bandit's Apprentice; has been watching her closely and just as she thinks she is all dressed and ready, he strikes. Soon she finds herself stripped, gagged, hogtied and groped

Wpc Frankie
Damsels in Peril
7th Oct 2018

There has been a break in at an industrial unit but it's most likely low risk or a false alarm so WPC Frankie has been dispatched to have a look around and secure the premises. When Frankie arrives, it does in fact appear to a false alarm and having looked around the building, Frankie radios in

Holly Kiss
Damsels in Peril
1st Oct 2018

Office Boss Ashley Rider has called Holly Kiss in for a meeting. It seems Holly has been stealing from the company and the Boss has had enough of Holly's pathetic poor excuses so it's time for Ashley to deal with the situation by forcing the truth out her errant employee

Katie Lou
Damsels in Peril
27th Sep 2018

Katie Lou is in her lounge, she is alone and relaxing in just her blue full slip. She is so engrossed in her magazine that she fails to see 'The Bandit' approaching and before she knows it, she is stripped to her panties, hogties with rope and cleave gagged whilst the bandit gropes her boobs

Fiona Jane
Damsels in Peril
21st Sep 2018

Fiona Jane is late once again and yet again she has been called to the managers office for a dressing down. Despite Fiona offering to come in early the next day, the manager thinks she needs a rather harsher lesson. One that she wont forget in a hurry and one that will leave an impression on her

Air Force Steal
Damsels in Peril
15th Sep 2018

Air Force technician Poppy has finished her shift and is in the locker room. She is unaware that she is being watched by an unknown intruder who as designs on stealing her uniform. For what purpose, She has no idea but clearly this villain is up to no good

Damsels in Peril
12th Sep 2018

Professor Watt-Hall has moved departments after the recent fiasco with the Army losing his M.E.D.U.S.A. He now has a position at the Navy Research lab and is developing a stunning new Top Secret project which is now almost ready to present to the top brass, he just hopes they dont lose it again!

Alicia The Secretary
Damsels in Peril
9th Sep 2018

Office secretary Alicia is alone, late at night in the office, when she hears a noise. What is it? Who is it? She gets up to investigate but she is unaware of 'The Bandit' lurking in the corridor. Within moments, she ends up stripped, gagged and hogtied

Katie Lou
Damsels in Peril
3rd Sep 2018

Office Boss has been going through her employees social media profiles and it seems Katie Lou hasn't had a good word to say about her company so she is called in for a meeting and challenged about calling her boss a 'mean bitch'...there are consequences

Lola Rae
Damsels in Peril
27th Aug 2018

Office secretary Lola Rae is at work, blissfully unaware of the peril that is lurking around the corner for her. She thought she was alone but clearly she wasn't and as the intruder neared the target, Lola carried on as normal, completely oblivious to what was about to happen

A Tutors Struggles
Damsels in Peril
21st Aug 2018

College Tutor Poppy asks the two students, who she has found hiding in the locker room, if they have completed their assignments or not. The girls laugh at her, how dare she ask them, they after all the 'it' girls and they run the school or so they think..well they do..

Damsels in Peril
18th Aug 2018

Poppy & Fiona are in the locker room, wearing just their towels and underwear when 'The Bandit' enters and marches them around with their hands in the air before tying them back to back and cleave gagging both girls, leaving them to squeal and scream through muffled tone

Tindra Frost
Damsels in Peril
15th Aug 2018

She's asleep right now but she will wake up soon enough and find herself in a rather compromising position. Stripped naked and tightly tape tied, her bare feet taped side by side together, a white cloth cleave gag stuffed deep in her mouth, all she can do is mumble and struggle

Danielle Maye
Damsels in Peril
9th Aug 2018

Cherry has a word with Danielle regards some money that has gone missing. Danielle completely denies taking any of Cherry's cash but as she persists, Danielle admits to having 'borrowed' some. Cherry has been prepared for this answer though and teaches Danielle a lesson

College Knock Out
Damsels in Peril
3rd Aug 2018

College student Olga is relaxing in the seniors room when the janitor spies his opportunity. He masks himself up before grabbing ropes and a gag together and approaches the unaware Olga from behind. Within moments the poor girl is stripped naked, gagged & groped

Rebeccah Leah
Damsels in Peril
28th Jul 2018

Finding herself stripped to just her panties, a cleave gag stuffed into her mouth and her hands and bare feet bound behind her, Rebeccah Leah struggles to escape, making gasps and sounds as she struggles against her ties

College Girls
Damsels in Peril
22nd Jul 2018

College girls Helen Stephens and Sophia Smith find themselves tape tied together, cleave gagged and bound at the knees and ankles with red rope. Their bound bare feet struggle together entwined as they attempt desperately to escape the distress

Damsels in Peril
19th Jul 2018

Air Hostesses Lucie Kent & Stephanie Bonham Carter were due to work on an upcoming VIP flight when another of their colleagues enters. Zoe starts asking the unsuspecting two some details about the VIP and the flight they were to take, just to ensure then if they needed to be replaced...they could

Shauna Surprised
Damsels in Peril
16th Jul 2018

Shauna enter her front room unknown the the imminant peril she is in. An intruder lurks behind her and within moments she is under his control, stripped to her panties, bound and cleave gagged with her tits being roughly grabbed and groped before she goes again

Two Tied
Damsels in Peril
10th Jul 2018

College Tutor Poppy asks the two students, who she has found hiding in the locker room, if they have completed their assignments or not. The girls laugh at her, how dare she ask them, they after all the 'it' girls and they run the school or so they think..well they don't...

Tindra Frost
Damsels in Peril
4th Jul 2018

Tindra Frost is a private detective and her boss has sent her to break into a house to see if she can dig up some dirt on on the targets of their investigation. The guy is supposed to be out so Tindra scouts the downstairs floors before reporting back that it's all clear but is it

Charley & Danielle
Damsels in Peril
30th Jun 2018

Danielle Maye is walking around Charley's empty house when she finds herself in the unusual position of being bound, gagged and groped by her so called best friend. What is this all about but whilst Charley is enjoying Danielle, someone is about to enjoy her

Rebeccah Leah
Damsels in Peril
24th Jun 2018

Rebeccah Leah is putting on her shoes, getting ready for work when 'The Bandit' creeps up behind her and sprays something at her. The next thing she knows is that she is stripped, rope tied and cleave gagged with 'The Bandit smiling over her

Sophia Smith
Damsels in Peril
18th Jun 2018

Sophia Smith is relaxing in her lounge, blissfully unaware of what is about to happen to her. In no time, she finds herself helpless, rope tied and cleave gagged by a dastardly villain who has pulled up her skirt and bared her breasts for anyone to enjoy

Charley Atwell
Damsels in Peril
12th Jun 2018

College Girl Charley Atwell is unsure what has happened as she slowly wakes to find herself tied securely to a chair in the office, a gag stuffed deep into her mouth and her bare feet tied with rope beneath the chair

Damsels in Peril
9th Jun 2018

Nurse Shauna is busy in her office, completely unaware that she is not alone. The moment she turns her back the intruder takes his moment to strike and the next Shauna knows is she has been stripped topless, hogtied and cleave gagged and her tits are being groped

Jess West
Damsels in Peril
6th Jun 2018

Police Officer Jess West receives a call that a witness has come into the station and is waiting for her downstairs in the lobby but as Jess gets up to leave, she takes her eye off the ball and the bandit strikes again

Sophia Delane
Damsels in Peril
31st May 2018

Office manager Sophia Delane has had enough of Tasha Holz's lateness and even though Tasha tries to explain she is doing her best, Sophia think this useless brunette is just wasting her time so Sophia has a plan to teach the tardy secretary a lesson or two

The Ambassadors Wife
Damsels in Peril
28th May 2018

The gang need to gain access to the Ambassadors mansion whilst he is away. His wife was returning to the country on a BA flight from Peru and being of such importance, she was more than used to the personal attention she was about the get as she was ushered into a private area

Lauren Louise
Damsels in Peril
26th May 2018

Lauren Louise is relaxing in her lounge when her house mate and so called best friend, Kelli Smith, comes in and accuses her snogging her boyfriend. Kelli is very upset, especially as Lauren laughs it off as a drunken mistake but Kelli wants her revenge and soon Lauren is bound

Tables Turned
Damsels in Peril
19th May 2018

Ruthless Gang leader Tina Kay is on the hunt for her prey, her target though appears to have gotten wind of what Tina is fixing up for them and so Tina decides to call to check the information, that when things all got a bit confusing and Tina finds herself stripped naked, barefoot bound and gagged

Damsels in Peril
13th May 2018

Hannah Shaw finds herself being held ransom in her house. She thought she was safe but when she comes to, she finds she has been stripped to her stockings and panties and has a knotted cleave gag in her mouth, her hands bound to the top of the bed and her feet to the bottom

Damsels in Peril
7th May 2018

The officer was just about ready to leave for work when there was a knock at the door. A poor, helpless, single woman asking to use the phone as he car had broken down a couple of streets away. What harm could it do to let her use the house phone quickly to call for breakdown assistance

Kelli Smith
Damsels in Peril
1st May 2018

Housewife Lauren Louise finds a Police Officer at her door insisting she comes down the station but she doesn't know how desperate Lauren is to escape and turns the table on the unsuspecting officer. There is only one way for Lauren to escape and that is in Kelli's uniform

Helen Stephens
Damsels in Peril
25th Apr 2018

Nurse Helen Stephens struggles to comprehend what has happened. The last thing she remembers was getting ready for her shot at the local hospital, she had been dressed in her nurses uniform but now, waking up, her uniform is gone and she has been hog tied with rope and cleave gagged. She struggles to break free

Jodie Ellen
Damsels in Peril
19th Apr 2018

Jodie Ellen is day dreaming and has a a little mischievous idea about maybe handcuffing and gagging herself to just get a little feeling of helplessness but it all goes wrong and Jodie has gotten herself into a position from which she cant escape. She starts to panic when she hears her flatmate approaching

Frankie Babe
Damsels in Peril
13th Apr 2018

Office manager Tammie Lee has called Frankie Babe to her office for a dressing down. Frankie hasn't been pushing her promotions and as she is paid a little extra, it seems she just isn't doing what she should be and Tammie has had enough

Air Hostess
Damsels in Peril
7th Apr 2018

The newly appointed Air Hostess is in a really happy mood, she has just been told her flight today is to Hong Kong but her house mate didn't get the job and now she has to put up with Zoe's boasting about her new air hostess job and the fact that she is traveling to places all over the world

Night Night Nurse
Damsels in Peril
4th Apr 2018

A plan has been hatched by two inmates of the Sir John Bradwell Mental Hospital. It's late at night on the 1st of June 1978 and an audacious escape is about to get under way as the nurses shift change is due to take place...the hospital was quiet and the nurses were about to change

Helen Stephens
Damsels in Peril
1st Apr 2018

Housewife Helen Stephens wakes to find herself very tightly tape tied and cleave gagged, laying on her bed. She has no idea who did this or how it happened but what she does know is that all she can do is mumble through the cloth of the gag, writhe around and squeak her shoes together as she attempts to get free

Police Officer Uniform Steal
Damsels in Peril
26th Mar 2018

1960's Police Officer attempts to arrest Luci Jones but Luci isn't going to go quietly and within a moment she over powers the hapless police officer and starts to strip her, stealing her uniform and replacing the helpless officer who now find herself bound and gagged

Nurse Steal
Damsels in Peril
20th Mar 2018

Nurse Bonnie Bellotti has come in for her disciplinary interview after over medicating a patient. The senior nurse tells her she has to terminate Bonnie's contract but Bonnie tells the nurse she cant sack her. The senior nurse is adamant but Bonnie gets her way in the end and even gets a promotion to boot

Charley Atwell
Damsels in Peril
14th Mar 2018

Something does taste quite right to Charley as she sips at the water poured from her kitchen dispenser. Surely no one could have tampered with it..perhaps she's just not feeling it and the taste is normal but she's unsure...until the room starts spinning and Charley cant escape The Bandit

Danielle Maye
Damsels in Peril
8th Mar 2018

Danielle Maye is working for a lingerie and panty website today but it's her first time working with these guys so she's a little unsure what to expect. As she starts her first video of the day, she suspects something else may be going on but decides to continue with the scene...then it all goes dark

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