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Cherry Blush
1st Apr 2014

Demurely dressed Cherry Blush lifts the hem of her long blue pleated skirt and flashes the lace hem of her underskirt before stripping out of the skirt and blouse and posing for us in her bra and white half slip

Chloe Devine
28th Mar 2014

Meet new girl, the wonderful Chloe Divine as she sits quietly at her desk before treating all us naughty lingerie lovers to a very nice little tease as she flashes her white shiny, lacy underskirt for us. Tease perfection for sure.

Chloe Lovette
26th Mar 2014

Taking a break from the job, we catch up with Beautician Chloe Lovatt in the staff kitchen and with a little urging, find ourselves treated to a very nice little lingerie tease as Chloe removes her pristine white uniform for us

Penny Lee
24th Mar 2014

Office admin assistant Penny Lee is also after a promotion and knowing that Alegra stripped for her boss earlier in the month, she decides to do the same herself, assuring she will be in contention

3 Girls
21st Mar 2014

Nurses Emma Clair, Nikki Lee and Sophie Star try to solve a slip malfunction by swapping around their slips to see who fits which underskirt better and of course, we get to watch the whole lingerie show.

Dtvc Bakeoff Challenge
19th Mar 2014

Fiona and Toni are both equally surprised to find that Toni's submission has won first prize in the Cake Baking competition. Toni teases Fiona about her cakes shortcomings but Fiona doesn't see the funny side of things

Belle X
17th Mar 2014

A very demure looking and very gorgeous Belle X makes her first appearance on the site and as she knows we'd love to see what sort of slip she was wearing beneath it all, she gives us a very nice little tasteful tease

Jessica Jensen
14th Mar 2014

Beautician Jessica Jensen is ready for work but she thinks her very special client deserves some extra special attention and knowing our love of lingerie she strips out of her uniform and invites us to wank over her slip

12th Mar 2014

Is there anything better than a gorgeous young woman stripping outt of her normal, office, attire to pose for us in her full slip and stockings. You can make out her knickers beneath the slip, simply delightful

10th Mar 2014

Gorgeous new girl Ross makes her d

Dtvc Weather Special
7th Mar 2014

The DTVC News team are doing an investigation into climate change and hold an outside broadcast special at a posh garden party with a guest weather expert. High winds and driving rain result in dresses getting blown around and ripped up

5th Mar 2014

Office admin assistant Alegra Jones is after a promotion and she knows her boss is a serious lover of lingerie and ladies in slips and stockings so perhaps it's an idea if she starts stripping down to her underwear

Angel Leigh
3rd Mar 2014

Delightful Angel Leigh slowly strips out of her black evening dress to show off her lacy black lingerie as she poses in her black bra, underskirt and lace top black stockings, lovely lingerie indeed

Elle Brook
28th Feb 2014

Elle Brook is hard at work, busy completing a spreadsheet for her project, so when she notices us, she knows the only way we are going to let her get on with her work is to allow us to explode a load over her half slip!

Roxy Mendez
26th Feb 2014

New girl Roxy Mendez makes for a very hot looking secretary and the sophistication she oozes is matched by her lingerie as she slowly strips down to reveal her black bra, lacy half slip and black stockings

Dtvc Get Demure
24th Feb 2014

Agent Aaliyah Demure and her side kick Agent '99 and thee quarters' hatch a plan to enable Aaliyah to get to KONTROL headquaters and hand over the secret formula contained in the microfilm stitched into her stockings

Kacie James
21st Feb 2014

Does Kacie James look like just about the perfect office secretary you could have at the desk next to yours. She looks fantastic but as in a teasing mood, we are going to see a whole lot more of the lovely lady

20th Feb 2014

A very demure looking Nikita is with us today and she knows we would really like to see what she has on beneath her blouse and skirt and I think she's in the mood for a little panty pleasing and teasing for us naughty knicker lovers

Frankie Babe
17th Feb 2014

Gorgeous office temp Frankie Babe looks rather sophisticated in her smart black dress and we get glimpses of the lace hem of her slip before she strips down to her underskirt and bra and invites us to cream it!

Sophia Smith
14th Feb 2014

If you like lovely ladies in perfect white underskirts and a white bra then this video is a must as Sophia slowly removes her green blouse and white cotton skirt to pose in her lingerie. Also watch out for the very nice VPL at the start.

Dtvc Auditions
12th Feb 2014

DTVC Presenter Aaliyah Johnson prepares to audition other DTVC hopefuls for the newly commissioned DTVC Comedy show. Each candidate has to come up with a joke that may impress Aaliyah and get some laughs

Cody Coxx
10th Feb 2014

New girl Cody Coxx makes yet another fantastic addition to our line up of lovely ladies her on the site. Looking very demure as an office secretary, we would personally love Cody to reveal what she's wearing beneath her pristine outfit

Gemma Lou
7th Feb 2014

New girl Gemma Lou looks like she is ready to show us her lingerie. Dressed in her white cotton button up blouse and black skirt, we eagerly wait to see what she's wearing beneath it all as she slowly starts stripping for us

Taylor Morgan
5th Feb 2014

Office secretary Taylor Morgan is taking a break in the coffee room and as we've been attempting all day to get a glimpse of her knickers, and now its just her and us, alone in the room, she's tempted to indulge us with a little tease

3rd Feb 2014

Katalina looks delightfully demure today in her pink blouse and pleated white skirt, I'm fairly sure she is wearing stockings and a suspender beneath it all and like you, I just can't wait to find out!

Dtvc Fire Drill
30th Jan 2014

The news team go to see a new fire prevention system planned for the DTVC studios and their Fire Officer (Louise) is demonstrating how it works, though it seems she hasn't quite managed to get the hang of the system yet

Sophia Smith
28th Jan 2014

Nurse Sophia Smith has had a hard day on the wards but now back home and able to relax a little she would like to wind down and indulge all her lingerie loving fans with a view of what she has on beneath that uniform of hers

April Paisley
25th Jan 2014

Nurse April Paisley is a little concerned that we may not taking our medication so as a little incentive she decides to reward us by stirpping out of her uniform and flashing her lacy white lingerie for us, all we can say is "Yes Nurse.."

Casey B
23rd Jan 2014

Casey B is the kind of colleague I would like to have working with me, alone, in the top floor admin office. I'm sure I wouldn't mind working early, late and through lunch breaks if Casey was sat at the desk next to me flashing her knickers

Dtvc Demureton Abbey Part 2
21st Jan 2014

The team have moved into Demureton Abbey and are preparing to start on repairs and decorating. They are getting the decorating materials together in a covered area at the back of the Abbey. Unfortunately they are not dressed or skilled for such work and are rather clumsy

Tammie Lee
18th Jan 2014

Tempting Tammie Lee is every bit the kind of office temp I would like working in my office, especially if she treated us to sexy little strips down to her lacy slip every now and again, though I'm not certain how much work would get done

Becky Dee
16th Jan 2014

Now Becky Dee makes for my kind of nurse and I'm sure I wouldn't be the only "patient" who developed hypochondriac tendencies if she worked in my local A& E department. It would certainly make the visits there special..

Sophie Smith
14th Jan 2014

We find Sophie Smith searching for an earring and whilst we do our best to help her, the situation also gives us an opportunity to see the lacy hem of her slip as she scurries around on all fours

Dtvc Demureton Abbey Part 1
11th Jan 2014

Aaliyah and her team are going to investigate reports of a ghost at Demureton Abbey. It seems that only ladies wearing dresses and slips have been molested by the ghost, but those wearing trousers or modern outfits without slips have aroused no ghostly interest.

Roxy Jay
9th Jan 2014

WPC Roxy Jay is busy doing some admin at her desk when she notices us in the office. She knows we love ladies in lingerie and as she's a little bored, why not give us a perfect, playful and pleasing lingerie tease

Holly Kiss
7th Jan 2014

Sexy secretary Holly Kiss is in a very teasing kind of mood. She notices us trying desperately to get a sneaky view of her lacy slip so perhaps, if were good, she may just show us a bit more of her luscious lingerie

Dtvc Breakfast Part 2
4th Jan 2014

The news team and guest go on to hold a charity event in which they auction off items of their clothing, including their slips, but not their lingerie. Aaliyah stands to act as auctioneer, selling off the news team and her guests clothing

Charley Atwell
2nd Jan 2014

Damn, if only every nurse in the NHS looked as good as Charley Atwell, I'm sure we all wouldn't mind the odd stay in hospital. Just imagine Nurse Charley bending over in front of you in her nurses uniform....

Michelle Defoe
31st Dec 2013

Nurse Michelle Defoe has had a very busy shift and before she starts to do her end of shift admin, she knows we would like nothing better than to see her climb out of that blue uniform for us

Kelli Smith
28th Dec 2013

Kelli Smith looks just amazing in this tease video as she slowly strips out of her white blouse and dark skirt to reveal a red silky underskirt and a white bra before posing for us in her luscious lingerie

Lilli R
26th Dec 2013

Nurse Lilli R has had a pretty hectic day and as she starts to do her end of shift admin, she decides to relax a little more and starts stripping out of her uniform right down to her lingerie showing us her underskirt

Dtvc Breakfast Part 1
24th Dec 2013

The Demure TV Channel has poor viewing figures and the sponsor is about to pull funding for the whole channel. The producer has discovered that the sponsor has a big slip fetish and loves to see pretty smartly dressed ladies in situations which reveal their lacy slips

Elle Brook
21st Dec 2013

Office temp Elle Brook makes her first appearance on demurefun and she is a stunner. A gorgeous brunette with a killer body to match and when she starts stripping down to her lingerie, we start drooling

Stacey B
19th Dec 2013

Another gorgeous new girl visits us and having Stacey B amongst our flashing ladies is a dream come true. The beautiful blonde knows we all like ladies in lingerie and she has something she's like to show us all.

Frankie Babe
17th Dec 2013

Air Stewardess Frankie Babe is busy at her desk but when she drops her hat, as she gets down to collect it, she realises it's somewhat dusty and takes time to dust it down whilst squatting which reveals some nice slip views

Samantha Bentley
14th Dec 2013

Samantha Bentley looks divine in her black satin blouse and gold pleated satin mini skirt and we can just make a flash of the white lace trim of her underskirt, perhaps she will show us a little more

Kelly Scarlet
12th Dec 2013

Damn, Kelly Scarlet looks just amazing as she poses in front of the mirror in her pink pleated skirt flashing her white underskirt every now and then. She knows we like it and decides to show it to us fully

Scarlet Lovatt
10th Dec 2013

Nurse Scarlet Lovatt is back from her shift and we want to know what an everyday nurse like her wears beneath that uniform. What lingerie does she have on and is she wearing stockings, she has to be, surely..

Kimberly J & Katie Lou
7th Dec 2013

Another adaptation of the "Freeze" scene we did some months ago. The ladies thought the scene a lot of fun so we thought we would try a repeat with Katie Lou and Kimberly J

5th Dec 2013

I love the way Leona looks today in her knee length pleated skirt and cream top. I can just grab little glimpses of her stocking tops and suspenders and at moments, even a flash of her perfect white panties

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