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Jodie Ellen
Demure Fun
4th Oct 2014

Sexy secretary Jodie Ellen enjoys teasing the other office workers and she has to smile as she starts stripping for us, know that with each item of clothing she takes off, our jaws drop lower and lower in awe at her beautiful body

Charley Atwell
Demure Fun
2nd Oct 2014

WPC Charley Atwell would see the crime rate in any area drop massively, especially if she patrols the streets looking as gorgeous as she does today and she looks even better as she slowly strips out of that uniform

Dtvc Scene 6r Cruise Demure
Demure Fun
30th Sep 2014

In this DTVC episode, the demure ladies find themselves on a cruise though with the wind picking up, there is little they can do to stop their dresses blowing around before getting soaked by each other with water

Casey B
Demure Fun
27th Sep 2014

There are not many better sights here than the buxom, beautiful, blonde Casey B stripping out of her skirt and revealing her lingerie, lovely lace trim shiny white underskirt and Casey pulls off a perfect tease in her lingerie

Lola Rose
Demure Fun
25th Sep 2014

Office temp Lola Rose is new in the work place but she knows what it takes to ensure her position remains secure and that is to flash her lingerie at her slip loving boss, perhaps even removing an item or two of clothing

Sophia Delane
Demure Fun
23rd Sep 2014

We find brunette Sophia Delane in her white cotton top, black skirt stockings and boots, she knows that the only real thing on our mind is to find out what colour and style of lingerieshe has on and we know she's excited to show us

Rebecca Leah
Demure Fun
20th Sep 2014

Nurse Rebecca Leah enjoys the fact that the lace trip of her slip pokes, just a little, out from beneath the hen of her blue nursing uniform, she knows we want to see more and as she's here to look after us, she's only too happy to oblige

Dtvc Scene 6q Demure Damsel
Demure Fun
18th Sep 2014

Another of the DTVC adventures, in this episode we find Princess Sophia under threat from enemy agents who are determined to get close to her to carry out their dastardly plans for the poor princess But Fiona has a magical slip..

Demure Fun
16th Sep 2014

Waiting for her interview, Brigid is getting a little bored but knowing she has some very nice knickers beneath that black dress of hers, what could be a better way of relieving her boredom other than indulging in a little tease

Karen Wood
Demure Fun
13th Sep 2014

Office secretary Karen Wood knows that we're spending a lot of our time trying desperately to look up her skirt and knowing how much we love ladies in lingerie, she starts to do a little teasing strip just for us

Danielle Maye
Demure Fun
11th Sep 2014

Danielle Maye is just back from a hard day at work and her uniform is getting a little stuffy for her, much better to strip down to her underskirt and lingerie and pulling out some absolutely perfect teasing poses for her audience

Hannah Zebedee
Demure Fun
9th Sep 2014

Nurse Hannah Zebedee is wearing slip that is just a little too long for her uniform. We can clearly see the lace trim of her slip and when she squats down to look at something on the floor, we are treated to some very nice lingerie views

Windy Day
Demure Fun
6th Sep 2014

The ladies are on their way through town but there is a heavy, gusting, wind blowing through the High Street. The wind gets up and their dresses get blown to shreds before being blown off completely.

Holly Kiss
Demure Fun
4th Sep 2014

Wow, now this is exactly the sort of office manager I wouldn't mind having my interview with and Holly Kiss has invited us back for a second interview and a little treat, since she noticed us desperately trying to look up her skirt

Tasha Holz
Demure Fun
2nd Sep 2014

Sultry in satin, Tasha Holz is wearing a button up satin blouse and pleated satin skirt. As she moves her legs around, we get glimpses of her shiny white underskirt beneath her skirt and we know more is to come

Elle P
Demure Fun
30th Aug 2014

Demure lady Elle P is waiting in her kitchen, knowing that were getting all turned on by the site of her stocking tops and lacy hem of her slip. She likes that and teases us a lot more before starting to remove her skirt and blouse

Kelly Scarlet
Demure Fun
28th Aug 2014

Sexy secretary Kelly Scarlet is hard at work in her office and she looks rather tempting in her button up satin blouse and black office skirt but of course, we all know we are in for a seriously sumptuous tease as she shows us her lingerie

Palace Security
Demure Fun
26th Aug 2014

The ladies are visiting Demuritania Palace to see some very valuable jewels on display there. They have to pass through a security scanner but it keeps sounding the alarm and requiring them to remove items of clothing

Ashley T
Demure Fun
23rd Aug 2014

Demure lady Ashley T is relaxing in her kitchen, knowing that were getting all turned on by the site of her stocking tops and lacy hem of her slip. She likes that and teases us a lot more before starting to remove her skirt and blouse

Tammie Lee
Demure Fun
21st Aug 2014

Sexy secretary Tammie Lee enjoys the idea of wearing perfectly white underskirts with a lace trim, stockings and suspenders which she knows will just drive all her lingerie loving fans as she flashes her underwear for us

Demure Fun
19th Aug 2014

Office manage Poppy knows that she is a real tease, especially as she reveals the lacy hem of her soft slip and then removes her skirt to show off her stocking tops and suspenders and then posing for us in underskirt and lingerie

Emily X
Demure Fun
16th Aug 2014

Office secretary Emily X slowly strips out of her skirt and blouse to pose for us in her tan lace top stockings, suspenders and half slip , looking luscious in her delightful lingerie posing for us at her desk

Demure Island Damsles
Demure Fun
14th Aug 2014

Unfortunately the plane bursts a tyre on landing so the ladies are stranded on a windy desert island. They are not pleased and rip off Fiona's pilot uniform before setting off to a distant beach to seek rescue.

Lucy Zara
Demure Fun
12th Aug 2014

Gorgeous blonde Lucy Zara has been waiting for us to get home, sitting at her kitchen table, she hikes up her skirt to reveal her stocking tops and her delicious white lace trim underskirt, perfect for lingerie lovers

Chloe Lovette
Demure Fun
9th Aug 2014

Looking ready for a relaxed day in the office, we find Chloe Lovette wearing a rather nice, flowing summery pink dress. We can make out her tan stocking tops and it gets even better when she invites us to explode over her slip

Frankie Babe
Demure Fun
7th Aug 2014

Demure Frankie Babe enjoys letting her panty perv fans take their time, looking desperately at the little space between her legs as she adjusts the hem of her skirt. Surely we'll get a sneaky, cheeky glimpse of her lingerie?

Cherry Blush
Demure Fun
5th Aug 2014

Office manager Cherry Blush is sitting in her kitchen wearing her skirt suit and a white button up blouse. Very nice, but as always, we are far more eager to see what delightful lingerie she is wearing beneath it all

Damsels In Disdress
Demure Fun
2nd Aug 2014

Posh lady Fiona is taking her snooty friends Aaliyah, Toni and Kelli for a drive in the country. Unfortunately the car breaks down and they have to set off across country to find transport home

Brianna Davies
Demure Fun
31st Jul 2014

Pretty in pink, Brianna Davies looks fantastic and as she starts slowly stripping out of her cotton top and then slowly unzips her pink skirt, we can see the top of her stockings and black knickers and a little more

Demure Fun
29th Jul 2014

Office temp Anita has finally gotten home after a hard day in the office and what better way to relax than to give all her adoring Lingerie loving fans a very nice tease as she changes in and out of several underskirts

Chessie Kay
Demure Fun
26th Jul 2014

Demure lady Chessie Kay flashes us her knickers as she squats on the floor, we can right up her skirt and get to check out of her perfect white lace trip underskirt and knickers before she decides to show us all a whole lot more

Michelle Defoe
Demure Fun
24th Jul 2014

In a long red flowing satin skirt, it is unlikely we will be getting many, if any upskirt views of the lovely Michelle Defeo but I think she may be in the mood to help us all out a little and lift that skirt for us to flash he lingerie

Air Demure
Demure Fun
22nd Jul 2014

Fiona Jane has just got a pilot's licence and set up an Air-Taxi service 'AIR DEMURE'. Fiona has invited her friends Aaliyah, Toni and Kelli to go on an inaugural flight. They arrive at the airport and have to go through security

Danielle Maye
Demure Fun
19th Jul 2014

We catch up with Office temp Danielle Maye after a hard days work and whilst she is relaxing in her kitchen, she smiles at us, knowingly, we want to see her underwear but we may just have to wait a little

Demure Fun
17th Jul 2014

Looking very demure in her black button up blouse and her long pleated skirt. As she starts to slowly strip out of her blouse and skirt, we get to see that she is wearing a pale blue underskirt, stockings and white bra and knickers

Demure Fun
15th Jul 2014

Redhead Ross makes for a very beautiful demure lady as she sits on her sofa with the lace hem of her underskirt showing from beneath her pink skirt. Of course, we would all like to see a lot more and I think Ross shall oblige us

Charley Atwell
Demure Fun
12th Jul 2014

Looking rather demure, Charley Atwell knows we would love to see her lingerie and as she's in a rather teasing mood, she decides to slowly lift the hem of her black skirt to reveal the pink half slip she has on beneath

Hurricane Forecast
Demure Fun
10th Jul 2014

Fiona and Toni are at the News Studio reporting on rumours of an impending hurricane.Meanwhile Aaliyah and Kelli are reporting on a Garden Party at Demureton Castle and are dressed for the occasion..

Sophia Elizabeth
Demure Fun
8th Jul 2014

Demure Lady Sophia Elizabeth gives us all a very nice lingerie tease as she flashes the hem of her underskirt from beneath the hem of her black skirt and then removes her skirt and top to pose in just her lingerie

Brianna Davies
Demure Fun
5th Jul 2014

New girl, secretary Brianna Davies, is hard at work but of course, we all want to know what colour knickers she is wearing beneath that prim and proper skirt, is she wearing stockings? is she wearing a soft underskirt..?

Nina Carter
Demure Fun
3rd Jul 2014

Gorgeous Nina carter looks delightful in that pink skirt and button up blouse and I bet she is wearing some very nice lingerie beneath it. I know we are about to find out and I just know we are in for a treat

Gemma Lou
Demure Fun
1st Jul 2014

Gemmy Lou is a very demure lady as she poses for us in her kitchen. We can make out the lace hem of her slip peeking out from beneath her skirt and I know as she starts to strip, we will be in for a very nice tease

Trouble At Demureton Abbey Cafe
Demure Fun
28th Jun 2014

The girls are getting ready for a party at the Demureton Abbey cafe but it all turns messy as one after the other, they end up covered in cream, cake and custard

Kelli Smith
Demure Fun
26th Jun 2014

Nurse Kelli Smith is back from a hard shift and it's time for her to get out of the very nice white nurses uniform and pose for us in just her lovely lingerie. Is she wearing white knickers beneath that nurses uniform?

Charlotte Kent
Demure Fun
24th Jun 2014

Nurse Charlotte Kent knows that we would all like to see what such a lovely nurse wears beneath her perfect Nurses uniform. Could it be so very teasing and tempting underwear to tease the doctors with

Zara P
Demure Fun
21st Jun 2014

Another stunning new girl is with us today, Zara P, a beautiful 20 year old brunette who is in the mood to give us a very nice little strip, to reveal her white underskirt, white bra and stockings and suspenders

Cherry Blush
Demure Fun
19th Jun 2014

Voluptuous Cherry Blush looks absolutely fantastic as she sits on the sofa. Our minds race away as to what underwear she has on, what colour is it and how does it look on her fantastic figure. I am sure we will find out

Sports Report
Demure Fun
17th Jun 2014

Aaliyah Johnson, Toni, Fiona Jane and Kelli Smith attempt to do a sports report but it seems as they edge closer to the action, the spray from the passing speed boats showers them, saturating them all

Demure Fun
14th Jun 2014

Nurse Saskia knows that we would all like to see what such a lovely nurse wears beneath her perfectly pristine nurses uniform. Could it be so very naughty but nice white lingerie, including a lacy hemmed half slip

Casey B
Demure Fun
12th Jun 2014

Office secretary Casey B is looking seriously sexy and demure in her blouse and skirt, we can see the tops of her stockings and even a little of her underwear but of course, we would like to see a lot more

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