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Tracy Rose
Demure Fun
9th May 2015

Gorgeous new girl Tracy Rose is a sight to behold in her green button up satin blouse and her shiny pleated black skirt. We know she's wearing stockings beneath it it but what about her underwear. As she moves her legs we catch our first glimpse

Cherry Blush
Demure Fun
7th May 2015

Wearing a pink satin blouse that shows off her delightful cleavage, Cherry is certainly to get a few of her fans very hot under the collar, she loses her blouse and slowly strips out of her skirt, she is sure to get a rise out of us

Demure Fun
5th May 2015

Meet new girl Rose as she teases us with some small flashes of her knickers as she moves her legs around, letting us get some cheeky peaks up her skirt at her perfect little white knickers, we can make out her stockings and slip too

Homage To Pinups & Prom Night
Demure Fun
2nd May 2015

Sophia Delane, Rebecca Leah, Aaliyah & Yoni play this 2 part scene which sees Sophia struggling with the wind outside a shopping centre, the wind gets up her skirt and gust so hard, her knickers fall down!

Penny Lee
Demure Fun
30th Apr 2015

Naughty Nurse Penny Lee is determined to make any patients feel a bit better, in fact, a lot better. She notices us looking at the hem of her skirt and revitalises we are looking at the lace hem of her underskirt...want more?

Satine Sparks
Demure Fun
28th Apr 2015

Sexy in a red button up satin blouse and a tight black satin office style pencil skirt, our minds cant help but wander what sexy little secrets Satine has on beneath all that shiny fabric. Is she wearing matching lingerie??

Demure Fun
25th Apr 2015

Nurse Tyler knows that there is one certain way to make any patients feeling poorly perk up and that is to give them a saucy little lingerie tease flashing the lace hem of her underskirt, her stocking tops and even her delightful knickers

Hannah Zebedee
Demure Fun
23rd Apr 2015

A very demure looking Hannah Zebedee is in her kitchen. She is wearing a dark cotton pencil style skirt with a soft, chiffon blouse and whilst we admire that, of course our only interest is for her to flash us her underskirt

Wpc Karen Wood
Demure Fun
21st Apr 2015

Female Police Office Karen Wood is busy typing up a report but seeing us wandering beneath her desk, she can easily guess whats on our minds and decides, very nicely, to entertain us with a slow, sexy strip in front of us

Taylor Morgan
Demure Fun
18th Apr 2015

We find Taylor Morgan sat on a sofa, wearing a black cotton wrap around dress. We can make out the lace hem of her underskirt and our minds start to wander what else she may be wearing beneath that dress..

Sophia Delane
Demure Fun
16th Apr 2015

Wearing a checked black and white patterned skirt, a white button up blouse, black lace top hold ups and a pair of black leather boots, Sophia Delane is certainly a sight to behold but we know she wears lingerie and we just want to see

Rebecca Leah
Demure Fun
14th Apr 2015

Beautiful blonde Rebecca Leah is a rather demure lady today as she sits in her bedroom, smiling, knowing that we are desperately trying to have a look up her skirt to catch a glimpse of her lovely lingerie. Perhaps she will entertain us..

Adventures Of Fiona Jane Part 8
Demure Fun
11th Apr 2015

The enemy have surrendered and the war is over and the land on Demuritania is once again secure thanks to the efforts of their spy, Sophia Delane and their Military Officers, Aaliyah and Fiona. the scientist has agreed to not make any more laser weapons...

Tina Kay
Demure Fun
9th Apr 2015

Gorgeous and sexy in a button up satin blouse and a tight red shiny pencil skirt, Tina Kay is eagre to please and she knows you would love nothing better than to explode all over her lace trim shiny red underskirt

Becky Perry
Demure Fun
7th Apr 2015

We welcome new girl Becky Perry, such a gorgeous young woman and another great find to tease and please us as she lets us get a very private and personal look at her lingerie by slowly revealing what she is wearing under her clothing

Wpc Taylor Morgan
Demure Fun
4th Apr 2015

WPC Taylor Morgan is taking a break from catching villains and why not have a little bit of down time by indulging us all in our favourite pastime of salivating over lovely ladies flashing us their delightful lingerie

Karen Wood
Demure Fun
2nd Apr 2015

We welcome the return of the very gorgeous Karen Wood as she sits on her sofa, allowing us to have some sneaky, cheeky glimpses of her perfect white knickers up her skirt before performing a slow teasing strip for us

Adventures Of Fiona Jane Part 7
Demure Fun
31st Mar 2015

Fiona has returned to save the day and releases Aaliyah from her ties but as they are about to make good their escape, they hear the footsteps of an enemy agent approaching and lay a trap for the unsuspecting Hannah Zebedee

Penny Lee
Demure Fun
28th Mar 2015

Office secretary Penny Lee knows that her office colleague like a little lingerie tease to pass the time of day which is why she is wearing some absolutely perfect and very demure lingerie beneath her work attire for us today

Fiona Jane
Demure Fun
26th Mar 2015

Stepping back in time a little, we find a retro dressed Fiona Jane in the office wearing a button up dress and knowing what we know about the lovely ladies on this site, she is just about to reveal the secrets of her lingerie beneath it all

Sophia Delane
Demure Fun
24th Mar 2015

We find Lady Sophia Delane a delightfully demure lady in lingerie as she relaxes on her sofa in a beige full slip with tan colour stockings and suspenders but of course, we all want a lot more and so she lifts the lace hem of her slip

Katie Lou
Demure Fun
21st Mar 2015

Nurse Katie Lou is busy doing some of the boring tedious admin work as she sits at her desk completing spreadsheets but when she sees us, her day brightens up. perhaps it's not all about work and perhaps more about knickers today

Adventures Of Fiona Jane Part 6
Demure Fun
19th Mar 2015

The enemy agents discover their laser weapon has been destroyed by Demuritania agents but Hannah knows where the agents safe house is so they make their way there with the intention of capturing the agents and taking them back to HQ

Ashley T
Demure Fun
17th Mar 2015

We find Ashley T in a soft shiny blouse and a pink satin skirt, we can make out she is wearing some rather nice lingerie beneath it all as she moves her legs around a little. She teases us, knowing we want to see a whole lot more..

Jen Bailey
Demure Fun
14th Mar 2015

We watch Jen Bailey as she reads a book, at first unaware of our presence but when she does notice us, it seems she is rather pleased to see us and decides to treat us to a naughty little lingerie tease and flashes her underskirt for us

Penny Lee
Demure Fun
12th Mar 2015

Beautiful cleaner Penny lee taking a break from her heavy workload and as she sits on the sofa, we can just make out the lace hem of her underskirt and seeing how excited we are all getting, she decides to show a bit more

Fiona Jane
Demure Fun
10th Mar 2015

Sitting on a red chair. we find beautiful blonde Fiona Jane sitting in just her lingerie, relaxing in her lace trim full slip, her tan coloured stockings and white suspenders. We can also make out her white knickers beneath it all..perfect

Adventures Of Fiona Jane Part 5
Demure Fun
7th Mar 2015

Enemy Agents, Penny Lee and Hannah Zebedee have captured Demuritania Spy Sophia Delane and have escorted her back to headquarters where they tie her to the chair and interrogate her about her spying activities

Sophie Delane
Demure Fun
5th Mar 2015

Office secretary Sophia Delane knows that her office colleague like a little lingerie tease to pass the time of day which is why she is wearing some absolutely perfect and very demure lingerie beneath her work attire for us today

Katie Lou
Demure Fun
3rd Mar 2015

Beautiful cleaner Katie Lou is taking a break from her heavy workload and as she sits there in the red chair, we can just make out the lace hem of her underskirt and seeing how excited we are all getting, she decides to show a bit more

Tasha Holz
Demure Fun
28th Feb 2015

Wearing a white button up blouse and a blue office skirt, Tasha Holz knows that the lace hem of her underskirt is on show and that it is getting us a little hard and excited. Knowing this, she invites us to offload over her underskirt

Demure Fun
26th Feb 2015

Office worker Rosamund is wearing a white cotton button up blouse, a prim blue skirt and we can also make out the lace hem of her pale blue underskirt. The sight of that gets our mind racing as we venture to consider her lingerie

Adventures Of Fiona Jane Part 4
Demure Fun
24th Feb 2015

War has now started and Officer Aaliyah explains to Fiona that the enemy have kidnapped the scientist from Ruritania and are going to force her to make them a laser weapon to help them in their war on Demuritania

Aleah Woods
Demure Fun
21st Feb 2015

New office secretary Aleah Woods is keen to please her panty loving boss and as it's just the two of them in the office today, this is her chance to tease and please her way into a permanent position, maybe even a promotion..

Demure Fun
19th Feb 2015

Secretary Ross is wearing a shiny gold cotton button up blouse, a pleated skirt and we can also make out the lace hem of her cream underskirt. The sight of that gets our mind racing as we venture to consider what other lingerie she has on

Chessie Kay
Demure Fun
17th Feb 2015

Demure Lady Chessie Kay is wearing a half slip beneath that dress of hers and as she strips down to her lingerie, she notices a certain someone getting all excited and encourages a messy explosion of her underskirt

Jodie Ellen
Demure Fun
14th Feb 2015

Jodie Ellen is sitting on her desk, we can just make out the hem of her underskirt peeking out from beneath her skirt and our mind begins to wander what other lingerie delights she has for us beneath her clothing..

Adventures Of Fiona Jane Part 3
Demure Fun
11th Feb 2015

Sophia Delane has infiltrated enemy territory and is performing in one of the local night clubs, her idea being to entice an invite from enemy officers to visit them in enemy headquarters where once back, she will do more than a personal tease..

Alegra Jones
Demure Fun
10th Feb 2015

Alegra Jones is busy in the office, typing on an office memo but all work and no play makes for a very dull day so perhaps a another memo is required, "Miss Jones, Please remember to remove some of your clothing for you lingerie loving fans.."

Demure Fun
7th Feb 2015

Gorgeous Poppy is very much the demure lady today as she poses for us in her sheer black blouse & cream skirt and as she slowly strips for us we can make out her VPL & her stocking tops whilst she poses for us in her bra and slip

Sophie Star
Demure Fun
5th Feb 2015

Nothing beats a beautiful lady in uniform and today, Sophie Star is no exception as this lovely lady slowly strips out of her prim and proper police uniform to reveal her rather racy lingerie beneath it all. 'Ello 'ello, what going up here then..?

Cindy Read
Demure Fun
3rd Feb 2015

Cindy read is busy in the office, typing out a memo and she notices our gaze towards the hem of her skirt, perhaps we are looking at her slip, after all, it is peeking out a little from the hem of the skirt. time for a tease I think..

Adventures Of Fiona Jane Part 2
Demure Fun
31st Jan 2015

Bad girls Hannah Zebedee and Penny Lee disguise themselves as Ruritania Military Officers in order to get into the Ruritanian science laboratories where they intend to kidnap the scientist to make a laser weapon for them

Elle P
Demure Fun
29th Jan 2015

Gorgeous Elle P is very much the demure lady today as she poses for us in her lovely satin cream dress and as she reclines on her sofa we cant help but see her stocking tops and the lace hem of her slip poking out from beneath her dress, a treat for lingerie lovers everywhere

Nikki Lee
Demure Fun
27th Jan 2015

Nikki Lee is looking rather demure in her button up blouse and long pleated black skirt but would you mind showing us a little bit of what you are wearing beneath it all Nikki, just a little tease, a little tease to please all your fans..

April Paisley
Demure Fun
24th Jan 2015

College girl April Paisley knows very well that the only thing on our mind is to get a glimpse of her underwear, I suspect she is wearing a slip, maybe she will show us if we ask her nicely..?

Lola T
Demure Fun
22nd Jan 2015

New girl Lola T makes her first appearance on the site today and my oh my, I am sure you will agree with me she is yet another stunning find of a beautiful young woman who is happy to indulge us all in our lingerie fetish so from me... Welcome Lola!

Adventures Of Fiona Jane Part 1
Demure Fun
20th Jan 2015

War is imminent and the ladies have gathered at the Demuritania Military Headquarters to discuss a way forwards with Aaliyah asking Sophie Delane about how her spying activities have been going which as Sophia reports, have been going very well indeed

Jazmine Jones
Demure Fun
17th Jan 2015

We catch up with Jazmine Jones as she is reading her book, it's quite a long and lengthy read so Jazmine welcomes the chance take a short break from it and to tease all her lingerie loving admirers.

Demure Fun
15th Jan 2015

Anita is certainly a very demure tease today as she sits at her desk knowing we can see the lacy hem of her white slip poking out from beneath the hem of her dress, Of course, we would early love to see a lot more of her lovely lingerie and we may..

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