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Damsels in Peril

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Receptionist Steal
Damsels in Peril
21st Oct 2017

It's late at night at 'Wilsons Hotel & Spa' and the receptionist finds two guests wondering around in a 'Staff Only' area. The women claim to be lost but are they and is our receptionist about to lose her clothes?

Officer Tammie Lee
Damsels in Peril
15th Oct 2017

Officer Tammie Lee is working late and when the burglar alarm sounds, quickly followed by a call from the monitoring company, she is sure there is nothing to it but unbeknown to her, an intuder is now hidden within the building and she is after Tammie's uniform.

Cherry Orchard Break In
Damsels in Peril
9th Oct 2017

WPC Lauren Louise has been called to 'Cherry Orchard Park' where an alarm has sounded in one the estate units. All seems quiet and it is early in the morning but Lauren is paying little attention, it is most likely a false alarm..as they always are..aren't they..?

Beth Bennett
Damsels in Peril
3rd Oct 2017

Officer Beth Bennett invites Ashley Rider into the office. Ashley is up for a disciplinary process and Ashley has little or no excuses. She is an admin officer who signed out a transport of trucks but it seems they have gone missing and now is the moment of truth..perhaps a dishonorable discharge

The Bandit Strikes Again
Damsels in Peril
27th Sep 2017

As the group of nurses chat about their shift, the bandit is messing around with the air conditioning and so our three nurses are helpless, being stripped, bound and gagged by the devious bandit as they strike again!

Lucy Lume
Damsels in Peril
21st Sep 2017

Tammie tells her friend Lucy Lume that she has some new dom toys and wants to show Lucy her new ball gag and her handcuffs. She invites her unsuspecting friend to try the toys and soon Lucy is helplessly cuffed tightly and gagged and Tammie takes the opportunity to grope and pinch her friends tits

Damsels in Peril
15th Sep 2017

Kasey wakes up to find herself tape tied and cleave gagged. Who did this to her, she has no idea but she has been stripped and tied and gagged, wearing just her panties, stockings & heels

A Change Of Grade
Damsels in Peril
9th Sep 2017

Charley takes the lead when both girls get bad grades. Lucie and Charley decide to try an convince Ms Frosty Knickers to up their marks but the stern tutor takes a rather dim view of the girls antics and gives them a little lesson..

Damsels in Peril
3rd Sep 2017

Nurse Hannah was waiting for her morning lift to work. When her phone went, she knew that would be her lift and hurried to finish putting her shoes on but unluckily for Hannah & her lift, something else, something menacing, had arrived as well..

Touching Tindra
Damsels in Peril
28th Aug 2017

Chloe has her friend stripped naked and tape tied. The poor girl finds herself laying on the floor only able to mumble through the cloth of her cleave gag whilst her so called best friend squeezes her nipples and gropes her body, spanking her pert naked butt and mauling and groping her tits.

Scarlet T
Damsels in Peril
22nd Aug 2017

The Police Officer had something the Russain spy wanted and needed. The Spy was there with a purpose, to break out one of espionage colleagues who was now languishing in a Police cell awaiting interview...

Brook Logan
Damsels in Peril
16th Aug 2017

Holly has found out her her man has been seeing behind her back so it now it was time to pay the little bitch a visit to see how teach her a valuable lesson to stay away from Holly's man.

Damsels in Peril
10th Aug 2017

The Military Officer was working late but she failed to notice the intruder lurking up behind her. When she is confronted by the masked intruder, she's shocked to learn all the intruder want is her uniform...

Damsels in Peril
4th Aug 2017

Frankie isn't best pleased with Tomoko, her so called best friend. Tomoko abandoned Frankie at the party and the furious blonde had to make her own way home, feeling vulnerable. Perhaps Tomoko should learn what it's like to feel a little vulnerable..?

Squeaky Shoe
Damsels in Peril
29th Jul 2017

The College Tutor had called Harley in for a chat regarding her very poor results and it seems this little red headed lady needed a firm but properly stiff lesson in respecting the demands of her education

Ross Dragged
Damsels in Peril
23rd Jul 2017

The secretary was unaware of the perils of being alone in the office late at night and as she worked away, she was blissfully unaware of the figure lurking behind her, ready to take advantage of the situation

Rebeccah Leah
Damsels in Peril
17th Jul 2017

Rebeccah needs to leave work early today, she has so much to do at home but her bitchy office boss is determined she stays, even if it means she has to keep her there against her own will...perhaps even teach the blonde bimbo assistant a lesson or two...

Gym Manager
Damsels in Peril
5th Jul 2017

Gym Manager Ross is inspecting the machines at the gym, Ticking them off for being in working order and up to standards just before th gym opens it's doors..but unfortunately for Ross, whist the gym equipment was safe, she wasn't...

Rachael C
Damsels in Peril
29th Jun 2017

Penny convinces her friend Rachael to try out something new. What Rachael doesn't relise is that what Penny is encouraging her to do will land her up in a little trouble. She only finds this out when ends up stripped, tape tied and cleave gagged!

Chloe Toy
Damsels in Peril
23rd Jun 2017

The nurse calls college girl Chloe Toy in for her jab but the feisty student is in no mood to take her medicine so when the nurse try to take a firm hand with her, Chloe takes action and the next thing the nurse knows is when she finds herself stripped naked and tape tied!

Lauren Louise
Damsels in Peril
17th Jun 2017

Police Officer Lauren Louise attempts to make an arrest but it all goes horribly wrong when the blonde villain distracts the inexperienced officer who ends up losing her uniform...

Penny Lee
Damsels in Peril
11th Jun 2017

Rachael has a couple of new toys, handcuffs, and she wants Penny to try them out. Penny is a little unsure at first but is convinced that everything will be fine when Rachael assures her she has the key. Unfortunately for Penny, once the cuffs are on, Rachael introduces a ball gag which wasn't part of the bargain and begins to unbutton Penny's blouse and pulls up her skirt

Tindra Frost
Damsels in Peril
5th Jun 2017

Tindra Frost find it absolutely hilarious as her so called best friend, Sophia Delane, sits in a small puddle if spilled water which leaves a rather funny stain on her skirt suggesting she has wet herself. Of course, Sophia doesn't see the funny side of this..

Satine Spark
Damsels in Peril
30th May 2017

Satine makes a visit to an old friend who has a nice bottle of Rose for them for just the occasion. The trouble is, they are not exactly friends and parted with acrimonious feeling and Cherry held a grudge for a rather long time and this was a perfect payback opportunity

Dolly Speedcuffs
Damsels in Peril
29th May 2017

The Police Officer was in the middle of taking disciplinary action against a suspended staff member who had come in for her process hearing..the member of staff knew this was going to be difficult so had to work out a way to have some sway over the officer

Chelsea Louise
Damsels in Peril
24th May 2017

The college tutor calls in Anita for a dressing down over her poor performance on her grades. They have dropped 40% and that just is not good enough at this college but as she is there for a dressing down, Anita comes with a plan for a different version of 'dressing down' for the tutor

Sophia Delane
Damsels in Peril
18th May 2017

Sophia Delane finds herself handcuffed to her bed. She has been stripped naked and has a white cloth cleave gag stuffed inside her mouth so all she is able to do is squeal and mumble her discomfort as her nipples are squeezed and her breasts are mauled and then her hand slides down between Sophia's legs

Danielle Maye
Damsels in Peril
12th May 2017

A game of chess between two friends turns rather nasty as Chloe, the loser, accuses Danielle of cheating and the persistent teasing is really getting on her nerves. It's about time Danielle gets what she deserves and Chloe is determined to dish out whats coming to her ensuring that the bitchy blonde finds herself stripped naked, gagged and bound

Cherry Blush
Damsels in Peril
6th May 2017

Satine just cant believe that her so called best friend and house mate has ripped up every item of clothing Satine had. Cherry, finds it hugely amusing but she doesn't know that Satine has the perfect plan for revenge

Damsels in Peril
30th Apr 2017

Officer Anita is busy, working at her desk, when the cleaner enters..but the problem is, she doesn't recognize the cleaner and thinks her best bet is to phone security. The cleaner responds with a sarcastic...'Crack on with that..' and she certainly does that

Chloe Lovette
Damsels in Peril
24th Apr 2017

Chloe Lovette is finishing off on the mat in the gym but it seems there has been a double booking and Danielle Maye has now arrived to start her workout. She asks Chloe to move on but Chloe insists on finishing off which strikes Danielle as being extremely rude so Danielle decides to confront the situation head on and take this brunette bitch down..

Lucy Lume
Damsels in Peril
18th Apr 2017

She wanted to rub it in as she watched the housewife, sitting there all prim and proper. If only Miss Perfect knew what her husband was getting up to behind her back, cheating with his favorite tart.... and wouldn't it be nice to rub that fact into her pretty little face

Scarlet'S Mist
Damsels in Peril
12th Apr 2017

The housewife was busy tidying her kitchen when the intruder crept up upon her. Before she knew what was going on, a colorless mist was being sprayed in her face and she started feeling foggy, tired and sleepy. A little later she would wake with most of her clothing removed, tape tied and cleave gagged, completely helpless

Tina Kay
Damsels in Peril
6th Apr 2017

The Police Officer had come to make an arrest for solicitation but her intended target was wise to her tactics and before she knew it, moments later, she was waking up, Hogtied with handcuffs and cleave gagged and worse...her uniform was now being work by the villain..stolen whilst she lay helpless..

Prison Escape
Damsels in Peril
30th Mar 2017

Given 18 years for her masterminding a crime spree, Stevens had no intention of serving it. She had contacts and even one on the inside who had managed to maneuver the staffing around to suit their plans

Damsels in Peril
24th Mar 2017

Having fallen out with her flat mate, Kasey wasn't sure what to do. Scarlett, could be rather hasty in her decision making and that kind of scared Kasey...and so it should have..as Scarlet takes control of the situation she finds herself in and ensure Kasey does not forge her shortcomings..

Penny Lee
Damsels in Peril
18th Mar 2017

The two flatmates had a problem with each other. Dolly was diligent with her household chores but her flatmate and so called best friend, Penny lee was significantly less enthusiastic and it was sure to all come to a head at some stage

Scarlet H
Damsels in Peril
12th Mar 2017

The house maid couldn't quite believe what was going on. Sure, she had done a bad job but now her employer had forced her onto the bed, tied her ankles together with rope and gagged her. Worse, her skirt had been raised to reveal her knickers and her tops unbuttoned and bra pulled down to expose her breasts. All she could do was squirm a muffle squeals for help..

Mp Steal
Damsels in Peril
6th Mar 2017

The Military Police Woman is expecting a visit from a senior officer so when she gets the call to say the arrival is imminent they rush to the locker room to smarten themselves up. What they don't realize is that lurking in the locker room is a villain determined to assume their position..

Damsels in Peril
28th Feb 2017

When the police officer cam knocking, the housewife knew exactly what it was about. She had been ignoring several parking fines and she knew this day would come but when the officer told her her partner was waiting outside in the patrol car, the housewife looked the officer up and down...they were similar and perhaps she could escape by illusion

Mission Highly Probable
Damsels in Peril
25th Feb 2017

The two BMI Air Hostesses assigned for the overnight flight from London to Heathrow were busy getting ready for their long haul flight when 2 Maintenance Engineers entered their locker room...the hadn't finished changing and took exception to the two surly characters from the spanners department.

Damsels in Peril
22nd Feb 2017

Snobby housewife Dolly had had enough of her lazy maid who suspiciously was wearing heels, rather odd for maid and when challenged, the maid indicates she's wearing them for Dolly's husband..which lands the maid in a spot of bother

Cindy Read
Damsels in Peril
16th Feb 2017

Tiffany Naylor is running late and asks her fellow candidate if it's possible she could go in front of her at the interview. Cindy flatly refuses so Tiffany has to take matter into her own hands and ensures that Cindy is otherwise indisposed

Saphire Blue
Damsels in Peril
10th Feb 2017

The Boss was in a spot of bother. She woke to find herself tied on the bed, stripped & gagged with one of her employees stood over her. The employee informs her that she has told everyone at the office that the Boss has taken a 2 week holiday..so they're not expecting her...which leaves the employee two weeks to use and abuse her bitch of a Boss

Damsels in Peril
4th Feb 2017

Secretary Shauna hears a noise and goes to investigate. She cant see anything obvious and returns to her office, unaware of the wrench wielding villain who is lurking behind her. He knocks Shauna out and drags her to a quieter room, where, hidden away, he can strip the poor girl and hogtie her with handcuffs & Legcuffs letting her writhe around, cleave gag in her mouth and in just her white thing & Pantyhose

College Lesson
Damsels in Peril
29th Jan 2017

College girl Satine Spark has been called to the heads office for a telling off. She doesn't take too kindly to the bitchy head teacher who sits there all prim and proper but the head has plan to give the surely student a short, sharp. lesson in behavior. If you act like an idiot, you get treated like one

Police Drama
Damsels in Peril
26th Jan 2017

The two officers were assigned to duty at the Old Bailey. Agnes Stone, A CND protestor who had sabotaged a nuclear submarine was up in court and Inspector Crabby wanted no mess ups though perhaps Agnes had friends...

Lucy Lume
Damsels in Peril
23rd Jan 2017

Danielle Maye has confided in her best friend, Lucy Lume, about a new pair of shoes she would like to buy, especially to wear at the upcoming party so when she discovers Lucy has jumped the gun and purchased the shoes herself for the party, Danielle realizes that Lucy is just being a pure bitch and that deserves some payback

Damsels in Peril
17th Jan 2017

Working for the airline as a desk clerk was a tiresome job especially when working late and alone in the regional office. The airline carries several important people and the travel roster is confidential so when she hears something in the upstairs office, she goes to investigate. The next things she knows is a moist noxious rag being pressed against her mouth and nose. She wakes a little later, stripped, Bound and ball Gagged

Nurse Kacie
Damsels in Peril
11th Jan 2017

Nurse Kacie is the only one on duty in the secure ward when the door buzzer goes. In normal circumstances, she would never let a stranger in without going through the correct authentication process but today was different. She had a load of work backed up and the sooner she g=can get rid of the interruption at the door, the sooner she can get on with it

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