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Lethal Lipstick

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Looking For Someone
Lethal Lipstick
20th Jan 2018

The hit lady is on the prowl, she has broken into her mark house and now, weapon drawn, she starts searching the house for her target but there is a surprise in store for her

The Hunted
Lethal Lipstick
13th Jan 2018

The housewife had a contract out on her, she didn't know about of course but someone was looking for her and their intentions were less than amiable

Lethal Lipstick
6th Jan 2018

Nurse Bonnie Bellotti has come in for her disciplinary interview after over medicating a patient. The senior nurse tells her she has to terminate Bonnie's contract but Bonnie tells the nurse she cant sack her. The senior nurse is adamant but Bonnie gets her way in the end and even gets a promotion to boot

You Thought You Won
Lethal Lipstick
30th Dec 2017

Hit lady Chaley Atwell has her victim tied and gagged but Charley has a plan for her hapless, pathetic, slave

Charley Custom
Lethal Lipstick
31st Dec 2017

It is nearing the end of a glamour shoot when Charley Atwell finds herself in a rather uncomfortably erotic position

It Needs To Go
Lethal Lipstick
23rd Dec 2017

The traffic warden was just about to walk through the door when she noticed someone rushing up her drive. Surprised she goes to challenge the individual but then find herself being ushered into her house and behind closed door, anything can happen

Break Out
Lethal Lipstick
16th Dec 2017

Officer Beth Bennett returns home from work and is just about to start relaxing when she hears a knock at the door. Surprised, she answers the door to find a helpless woman who has broken down and needs to use or phone..but is she that helpless?

Not So Safe
Lethal Lipstick
9th Dec 2017

The two female villains had holed in in a safe house, just back from another heist, the money was rolling in and even better, no one had any idea who they were or where they were so it seemed they were literally getting away with it!

Lethal Lipstick
2nd Dec 2017

The bank employee was stunned to find an intruder in her house, especially on this day, the day she had decided to come home with a serious amount of cash, having raided the bank deposit account

Sophia Delane
Lethal Lipstick
25th Nov 2017

Office secretary Sophia Delane is hard at work but as the only one around in the office, she feels a little vulnerable, especially as it's in a fairly isolated location...and what with all that gang double crossing that had been going on .....but who would know she's there...No one...surely.

Uniform Heist
Lethal Lipstick
18th Nov 2017

Officer Shauna is shocked to find an intruder in her office and backs off to the wall before stripping down to her bra and panties. The intruder then hog ties Shauna with hand and leg cuffs and cleave gags her for good measure before leaving with the poor officers uniform

Safe House
Lethal Lipstick
11th Nov 2017

Nurse Kasey is on shift to do the medical checks on today's Police Officers but is she the nurse she seems to be. She did specifically ask that WPC Harley G was her first appointment of the day so perhaps she has something special in mind for the unsuspecting Officer

Stupid Bitch
Lethal Lipstick
4th Nov 2017

Hit Lady Holly has her kill trapped and as she stands over her target, you fear the end is almost here but her target has other ideas and soon Holly is looking at the other side of things

I Want Out
Lethal Lipstick
28th Oct 2017

The nurse has come to see her patient who has been suffering with one or two problems. The patient feels she is stable enough to go home but the nurse thinks differently but she probably has no idea just how bad her patient really is and soon realizes she has underestimated

Dessert Project
Lethal Lipstick
21st Oct 2017

The bandit returns and this time has broken into the office of Navy Officer Shauna. As she is rifling through the draws in search of a top secret file, an unsuspecting Shauna returns and in an instant her world is turned upside down

Officer Kasey
Lethal Lipstick
14th Oct 2017

Army Officer Kasey is finally relaxing in the lounge of the officer mess when Harley G approaches and tells her she needs her uniform. The Officer response is 'Don't be Absurd' but she quickly realises she has no choice and starts stripping

The Interview
Lethal Lipstick
7th Oct 2017

It seems the only two candidates left for the job were Honour May & Cherry Blush but placing the two in the same room just before the final interview could have been a bad move as both these woman will do literally anything to get the job of their dreams and soon for one of them it will end

Lethal Lipstick
30th Sep 2017

The break in had gone well so far but things were now starting to go slightly off line. There was no sign of the missile plans anywhere so when the officer arrives, briefcase in hand, the villain is sure they must be located in there

Upskirt Show
Lethal Lipstick
23rd Sep 2017

Court Martial
Lethal Lipstick
16th Sep 2017

Officer Beth invites Ashley Rider into the office. Ashley is up for a disciplinary process and Ashley has little or no excuses. She is an admin officer who signed out a transport of trucks but it seems they have gone missing and now is the moment of truth..perhaps a dishonorable discharge

Ms Goody Two Shoes
Lethal Lipstick
9th Sep 2017

Just The Thing
Lethal Lipstick
2nd Sep 2017

Tammie wants to let her friend know about her unusual fetish & when Lucy shows the tiniest bit of interest, Tammie is all in, though Lucy gets a little nervous at what the outcome could be

Hotel Vice
Lethal Lipstick
26th Aug 2017

Lethal Lipstick
19th Aug 2017

The Keys
Lethal Lipstick
12th Aug 2017

My Patch
Lethal Lipstick
5th Aug 2017

The Code
Lethal Lipstick
29th Jul 2017

Two In One
Lethal Lipstick
22nd Jul 2017

The Plot
Lethal Lipstick
15th Jul 2017

Mistress Slave
Lethal Lipstick
8th Jul 2017

You Need To Go
Lethal Lipstick
1st Jul 2017

Mary Sunshine
Lethal Lipstick
24th Jun 2017

Gone Wrong
Lethal Lipstick
17th Jun 2017

Wrong Client
Lethal Lipstick
10th Jun 2017

Bitter Revenge
Lethal Lipstick
3rd Jun 2017

Lethal Lipstick
27th May 2017

Lethal Lipstick
20th May 2017

Not Just Girls
Lethal Lipstick
13th May 2017

I Lied
Lethal Lipstick
6th May 2017

The Ring
Lethal Lipstick
29th Apr 2017

Poor Piggy
Lethal Lipstick
22nd Apr 2017

Lethal Lipstick
15th Apr 2017

Failed Ransom
Lethal Lipstick
8th Apr 2017

Lethal Lipstick
1st Apr 2017

Lethal Lipstick
25th Mar 2017

The Gamble
Lethal Lipstick
18th Mar 2017

Found You
Lethal Lipstick
11th Mar 2017

The General
Lethal Lipstick
4th Mar 2017

Lethal Lipstick
25th Feb 2017

Coming For You
Lethal Lipstick
18th Feb 2017

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