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UK Upskirts

UK Upskirts

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"Real UK Babes revealing us the secrets underneath their skirts and the mysteries of their panties. We offer the hottest Pictures and Videos of Upskirt, Panties and Voyeur!!"

The first thing to say about the site is that it’s very easily laid out and user friendly. The navigation buttons are bold in blue on a yellow background so it’s a doddle to find your way around. The site does pretty much what it says on the tin – there are some gorgeous women here who are quite happily wearing short skirts and showing us some delightful knickers underneath, so there aren’t any great surprises.

Having said that, variety is the spice of life and there are plenty of girls and so many different pairs of knickers here that you’re bound to find something to suit your taste. Whether it’s silky, smooth or lacy with frills, they’re all here, you just have to find them.

The videos usually involve the cameraman’s point of view shot looking up an unsuspecting model’s skirt while she’s involved in an everyday pursuit like sending a text or baking a cake. If you’re lucky, the camera goes in on a close-up and you can see everything you would as if you were there. Then, the model in question will give you a good ticking off for being a Peeping Tom but she’ll usually give you an extra flash for being cheeky.

The video quality is good, with options to either stream in WMV, MPEG or iPod mode or download in WMV and MPEG. This is a professional site with professional camerawork – none of your shaky mobile phone videos here. There’s also the facility to rate the videos out of 5 and you can give each girl a 250-character review. The videos were coming in at around 5 minutes each.

The models are also listed individually with a search facility so you can easily find your favourite girl and see what she’s been up to recently. In the ‘Our Models’ section the girls are listed alphabetically with star ratings so you can see who’s hot and who’s not. But you can also click through to browse their photos and make up your own mind. Once you get through to their individual pages, there are two sections – photos and videos – with each listed in date order. And they’re archived way back so you won’t miss any of your old favourites. Amy G’s portfolio, including a very domesticated video of her cleaning the bathroom in a light pink baby doll and denim cut-down skirt – went back to early 2009.

A minor gripe is that there’s no detail on any of the videos. If you like your girls to talk to you it would be good to know that there’s a bit of cheeky banter, while for the silent types a few words to say that we’re secretly seeing the girls going about their business would be good. But that’s mere detail and it isn’t a chore to trawl through half a dozen videos and settle on your favourites. And, when it comes down to it, the star ratings didn’t lie and were a pretty good guide.

A helpful links section had portals to other related websites including Satin Silk, Sneaky Peeks and Panty Maniacs. The site is pretty interactive with an email feedback facility and request box, and there’s a friendly chat forum so you can leave messages for the site facilitator about the web content or anything in particular.

Reviewed by: J.W.

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UK Upskirts UK Upskirts UK Upskirts UK Upskirts UK Upskirts

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