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Tiny Fetish Fun

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Jenny Smith
Tiny Fetish Fun
12th Jun 2015

New beautiful, busty Giantess Jenny Smith is shocked to find a tiny guy in her office and what could be more fun than to dominate, crush or devour the small guy, so she stands up and hovers first her high heels over him before removing her shoe to use her bare feet

Chloe Lovette
Tiny Fetish Fun
8th Jun 2015

Sexy giantess Chloe Lovette discoivers a small group of tiny guys leant against the leg of her living room table. The poor powerless tiny people are about to suffer their fates under her high heels, feet, in her knickers and in her mouth

Tiny Fetish Fun
5th Jun 2015

Office secretary Chastity has had enough of her bald headed dick of a boss. She had managed to place some potion in his morning tea and it seems to have taken effect with the little being..well..a little prick

Tasha Heart
Tiny Fetish Fun
1st Jun 2015

Short haired giantess Tasha Heart takes it to heart when she discovers an infestation of little, messy, disgusting tiny guys and there is only one thing to do with an infestation such as this...extermination

Charliee Rose
Tiny Fetish Fun
29th May 2015

After weeks of abuse from her boss, Charliee Rose had decided to take action. She had deliberately worn a revealing dress to work to distract her pervy boss whilst she slipped something in his tea. Minutes later, he had shrunk to an inch high and was at her mercy

Victoria Summers
Tiny Fetish Fun
25th May 2015

Busty blonde Victoria Summers is just about the perfect Giantess, beautiful feet, gorgeous ass and big, bouncing tits so what better way for a tiny, srunken guy to go than to have all those wonderful huge assets crushing him?

Cherry Blush
Tiny Fetish Fun
22nd May 2015

Busty, all powerful, boob crushing giantess Cherry Blush has yet another victim to tease and destroy. This time, she's dressed for the occasion with severely "high" high heels but those will come off shortly and she'll crush her victim with her massive tits

Jade Victoria
Tiny Fetish Fun
18th May 2015

Busty redhead Giantess Jade Victoria is perfect. She towers over us, threatening us with the high heels and her feet, the poor tiny guy she has ound doesn't know what to do and is completely at the mercy of this beautiful giantes

Satine Sparks
Tiny Fetish Fun
15th May 2015

Imagine standing between the floor boards of a hot blonde college students front room. What will happen to you if the beautiful giantess returns home early, in her black patent leather high heels and shirt tartan mini skirt..??

Frankie Babe
Tiny Fetish Fun
11th May 2015

Frankie babe is enjoying glass of water when she notices some strange tickling sensation on the soles of her feet. She can hardly believe her eyes when she investigates and discovers a moving, small, living inch high guy there

Tiny Fetish Fun
8th May 2015

New giantess Rose makes her debut on our site as she promises to trample on you with her high heels, crush you with her bare feet, smother you between her voluptuous breasts or devouring you whole and swallowing you

Cherry Blush
Tiny Fetish Fun
4th May 2015

Finding a living, moving, tiny guy on the floor of her bedroom, Cherry Blush is intrigued. How did this guy get so small, what was he doing here and what was she going to do with him. He was only an inch high, no one would miss him..

Tracy Rose
Tiny Fetish Fun
1st May 2015

Tracy Rose is amused to find a lone inch high guy on her kitchen surface. She's intrigued, how did he get that size, whats he doing just standing there? She pick him up, dangling him in front of her face before placing him on the floor and hovering her heels over him. She crushes him once and then scoops him up gain and drops him into her soft mouth to devour him

Kerry Eliza
Tiny Fetish Fun
27th Apr 2015

High heel wearing brunette giantess Kerry Eliza crushes her tiny find of shrunken guyes with the sharp point of her high heel before removing the heel and crushing them with her bare feet before picking up the survivors and throwing them into her soft, dark mouth

Sophia Delane
Tiny Fetish Fun
24th Apr 2015

Brunette Giantess Sophia Delane treats us to a Point of View Only video as she talks to us about devouring us. She shows us what she is going to do she us, telling us how she at first shrunken us and now that we are tiny, the only place left for us in in her tummy

Hannah Zebedee
Tiny Fetish Fun
20th Apr 2015

Get a close up of blonde giantess Hannah Zebedee's high heeled feet. Migh she crush you under the extra high, extra pointed high heel or would she be kind enough, caring, to take off the high heel and simply squash you beneath her bare feet?

Tina Kay
Tiny Fetish Fun
17th Apr 2015

College girl Tina Kay is shocked that on her return home from her studies a little early, her living room floor has been invaded by a group of inch high guys. They always knew she lived there but they only came out when she was away and her early return will spell their demise..

Taylor Morgan
Tiny Fetish Fun
13th Apr 2015

Blonde, Busty giantess Taylor Morgan makes for one domineering, beautiful giantess as she hovers her high heels over her poor, helpless victims, slowly crushing them beneath her very high heels, then her bare feet, squishing them beneath her bare soles

Penny Lee
Tiny Fetish Fun
9th Apr 2015

Beautiful giantess Penny Lee discovers us on her floor, and a mean streak starts to show in her as she starts to tell us how she is going to devour us, letting us firstly see her bare foot hovering right above us before picking us up and bring us up to her mouth

Rebecca Leah
Tiny Fetish Fun
6th Apr 2015

Blonde Giantess Rebecca Leah treats us to a Point of View Only video as she talks to us about devouring us. She shows us what she is going to do she us, explaining how she at first shrunken us and now that we are tiny, the only place left for us in in her tummy

Becky Perry
Tiny Fetish Fun
3rd Apr 2015

Let new British Giantess Becky Perry take you on a tour of what it might be like should she happen to find you, shrunken, one inch high and at her complete mercy in this Point of View Only Video with her hovering her bare sole right over you

Jen Bailey
Tiny Fetish Fun
30th Mar 2015

In this Point of View Only video, Jen Bailey plays our giantess, she is intriuged as to how we managed to climb up the bed to check her out. She finds us somewhat cute and shows how she may have crushed us by simply rolling over or perhaps standing on us

Karen Wood
Tiny Fetish Fun
27th Mar 2015

Giantess Karen Wood is on the prowl, she's on the hunt for the people that have made a home beneath her floorboards. She knows they come out from time to time and perhaps today she would find some of them

Tasha Holz
Tiny Fetish Fun
23rd Mar 2015

Tasha Holz asks you to imagine she is your personal giantess and asks you to imagine what she would be like and what she may or may not like doing with your tiny, shrunken, body. Perhaps she would crush you with her heels or her bare feet..

Tiny Fetish Fun
20th Mar 2015

Redhead giantess Ross discovers a small colony of tiny people living in the pile of her carpet. She is amazed and surprised to see them standing there but she can have such fun with shrunken, disposable, bodies and shows them her powers as their giantess

Sophia Delane & Fiona Jane
Tiny Fetish Fun
16th Mar 2015

It's difficult to imagine a more sinister pair of Giantess Woman hovering over us. We know they are highly unlikely to show us any compassion and more likely that they would laugh and enjoy dominating us small guys

Chessie Kay
Tiny Fetish Fun
13th Mar 2015

Beautiful, Busty Giantess Chessie Kay loves crushing and squashing tiny guys. There is nothing better for her than to feel their tiny bodies squelching beneath her feet or feeling them pop as she chews on them in her mouth, devouring them

Penny Lee
Tiny Fetish Fun
6th Mar 2015

Busty penny Lee enjoys crushing, squashing, stamping and destroying shrunken people beneath her black shiny high heels, then her soft, warm, sweaty & smelly feet before showing the camera a tour of her mouth

Tiny Fetish Fun
2nd Mar 2015

In this POINT OF VIEW ONLY video, new giantess Rosamund hovers her bare feet directly above our camera, slowly bringing her foot down onto us, wriggling her toes and imagining what it would be like to crush us before giving us a mouth tour

Aleah Woods
Tiny Fetish Fun
27th Feb 2015

New brunette Giantess Aleah Woods gives her small find of tiny guys the first time treatment, crushing them with her high heels before removing her shoes and crushing them with her sweaty feet and then finally devouring the survivors..

Cindy Read
Tiny Fetish Fun
23rd Feb 2015

Beautiful brunette giantess Cindy Read is wearing red high heels, blue denim jeans and a low cut white cotton vest top and as she hovers those sexy red high heels over the poor tiny guys in her office, they stand no chance

Tiny Fetish Fun
20th Feb 2015

We fond blonde Giantess Poppy in her kitchen, towering above us in her sexy blue high heels. She looks massive to us but she wants to warn us about the dangers of walking around the kitchen floor when the Giantess is around. There are so many ways we could meet our tiny end.. - THIS IS A POV VIDEO ONLY

Lola T
Tiny Fetish Fun
16th Feb 2015

New Giantess Lola T plays arounf with the tiny people for the first time. As a novice giantess, she finds the small, shrunken guys a little weird but at the same time, very interesting. being a giantess can be a lot of fun, though not much fun for the tiny guys..

April Paisley
Tiny Fetish Fun
13th Feb 2015

Giantess April Paisley has spotted the tiny guys coming out from underneath her floorboards. How they got there is not a question she asks herself immediately, or at least isn't the first question into her head..that question was how much fun could she have with these tiny, shrunken, guys

Jodie Ellen
Tiny Fetish Fun
9th Feb 2015

Giantess Jodie Ellen is not sure what she should do with her collection of tiny guys. it seems they dont really listen and any moment now, they could get crushed as the walk through the pile on her carpet...

Elle P
Tiny Fetish Fun
6th Feb 2015

Ellep P makes for one rather sensuous Giantess as she tells us how she is going to simply destroy us but enjoy doing it by either crushing us with the heel of her high heels or under her bare feet, possibly crushed between or buxom breats or devoured in her cavernous mouth - THIS IS A POV VIDEO ONLY

Nikki Lee
Tiny Fetish Fun
2nd Feb 2015

Busty blonde giantess Nikki Lee plays around with her most recent find of inch high helpless, pathetic, little guys. Theres nothing like feeling the crunch of their tiny bones and the squelch of their tiny body beneath her bare feet or feeling them squirming inside her mouth

Danielle Maye
Tiny Fetish Fun
30th Jan 2015

Beautiful, Buxom Blonde Giantess Danielle Maye has taken out her favorite toys to play around with, her tiny, little, inch high, captive living shrunken people. There are so many of them, this little handful wont be missed as she smothers and crushes them beneath her feet

Lola Gatsby
Tiny Fetish Fun
26th Jan 2015

Office temp Lola Gatsby is chocked and surprised to see some inch high guys just resting up against the foot of her desk. She looks around, perhaps this is some sort of weird infestation, are they real? She tries them out by crushing them with her red high heels and the fell of their tiny bones cracking beneath it confirm they are indeed...real

Tiny Fetish Fun
23rd Jan 2015

Whilst browsing the web on her tablet, redhead Giantess Anita is fairly sure she can hear something, not entirely sure what it is, she goes on the hunt, crouching down low,determined to find the source of this annoying, irritating Litlle noise and to put a stop to it!

Tifany Naylor
Tiny Fetish Fun
19th Jan 2015

Manalive, Tiffany Naylor certainly makes for one mean Giantess with a touch of an evil streak as she treats her tiny find of tiny guys with disdain, enjoying the feeling of crushing them beneath her high heels and her bare feet before devouring the survivors..

Jazmine Jones
Tiny Fetish Fun
16th Jan 2015

Brunette Giantess Jazmine Jones has been on the hunt and her efforts have proven to be a success as she rounds up her little, helpless, pathetic tiny guys. Now all that was left was to punish them and rid herself of these little miscreants

Satine Sparks
Tiny Fetish Fun
12th Jan 2015

Blond Cheerleader Satine Sparks has a desire to dominate men and when she discovers a small colony of people living amongst the pile in her carpet, her fantasy turns to reality as she inspects them closely before wondering what she will do with her peculiar find

Kiki Devine
Tiny Fetish Fun
9th Jan 2015

Kinky Giantess Kiki Devine hovers over her tiny, tiny people. What fun it would be to crush these poor hopeless guys with the soles of her bare feet, so she could feel every bone crunch, or perhaps crush them with her pert butt but maybe, even devour them slowly..

Tiny Fetish Fun
5th Jan 2015

New redhead Giantess Franka is in her kitchen crush cars with her black high heels before removing her shoes and hovering her bare feet over the tiny, helpless vehicles before lifting them up and crushing them with her ass!

Keira Jones
Tiny Fetish Fun
2nd Jan 2015

Office Secretary Keira Jones had warned her shrunken employees before about misbehaving but it seems the just dont listen as they have returned to bug the hell out of her in her office. Well, unlucky for them she has some spare time to destroy them

Kerry Eliza
Tiny Fetish Fun
29th Dec 2014

Kerry Eliza is sitting on her sofa when she notices us down by her feet. In this POINT OF VIEW ONLY VIDEO, she hovers her high heels over us before removing her shoes and threatening to crush us directly beneath her sweaty, smelly bare feet..

Katie Lou
Tiny Fetish Fun
26th Dec 2014

Katie Lou is shocked and surprised to find inch high guys in her carpet pile. They are attempting to stand up but mighty Katie isn't going to show them any mercy as she hovers her bare feet above them, ready to squash them beneath her feet

Sophia Delane
Tiny Fetish Fun
22nd Dec 2014

"What are you doing down many time have I told you that you are supposed to keep out of sight??" Sophie Delane is disappointed to find, that once again, her tiny guys are out in the open

Tiny Fetish Fun
15th Dec 2014

Blonde Giantess Toni stumbles on some inch high tiny guys standing amongst the pile of her bedroom carpet. They feel so nice to squash, their little bodies popping beneath her bare, smelly, sweaty feet as she stomps all over them

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