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If you own a content site with an affiliate program and would like us to promote your daily updates (i.e. not FHGs),
simply create a list of all your daily updates in one feed as described below.


<date> <type> <model> <thumbnail_url> <update_url> <description>


<date> published date (format: DD-MM-YYYY)
<type> type (1 = photoset; 2 = video)
<model> name of the model
<thumbnail_url> URL address of the main thumbnail picture
<update_url> URL address of the update page
<description> description of the update


Visit and see the source code.

Important notes
The latest update is always on top.
All information are tab-delimited.
Each update is on a new line.
The format of the feed is plain text (i.e. no HTML or other code)

Once it's ready, please contact us and include the URL address of the feed.


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