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Bedroom Battle

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Bedroom Battle
Femme Fight
14th May 2020

The two friends had recently become flat mates as it made sense. They worked in the same office and it just seemed to fit. But soon after they move in together, cracks start to appear in the their relationship and Lana Harding is getting more and more annoyed at Lexi Love's cavalier attitude to using her makeup

Bedroom Battle
Femme Fight
11th Oct 2018

Natalia Forrest and Faye Taylor get into an argument in the bedroom over who is wearing whose perfume. Both girls are at odds as Natalia accuses Faye of once again, using her very expensive perfume for yet another of her cheap dates. Talk about money wasted and worse, she didn't even as

Bedroom Battle
Femme Fight
22nd Mar 2018

Yet again, Hannah Shaw is proving to be a lazy cow and Holly Kiss decides to call her out on it. She drags her out of her slumber and off the bed and insists she go down stairs and get on with the house work as promised. Unfortunately, Hannah isn't having any of it and the catfight is on!..

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