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Clair And Jessica
Panty Maniacs
11th Aug 2017

Damsels in Peril
1st Jan 2011

Air Stewardess Taylor Morgan is getting ready to leave for work when or friend, and ex work colleague Danielle Maye shows up. Apparently Danielle has been sacked for theft and now she wants Taylors help in gaining access to the personal office to steal the 3 CCTV tapes which hold the evidence!

Emma Clair Vs Fifi Russo
Femme Fight
20th Oct 2009

Emma Clair and Fifi go at each other in this frenzied clothes ripping, hair pulling catfight!

Emma Clair Vs Fifi In An Apartment Catfight
Femme Fight
30th Apr 2008

These two great UK glamour babes just relish the chance to get at the other. They are both just home back from work but they have both had enough of the other. All sorts of reasons make a great reasonto settle the score once and for all.

Emma Clair Vs Fifi Russo
Femme Fight
9th Apr 2008

Emma and Fifi have a good honest clothes ripping catfight as they tear and rip at each others clothing. Both girls are determined to win but there can only be one winner..

Clair & Belle
Panty Maniacs
1st Aug 2006

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4 Babes In Peril - Belle, Jessica, Clair, Freya
Damsels in Peril
28th Feb 2006

These 4 babes are house sitting. Safety in numbers so they figure, but they didn't figure on the two guys that had managed to sneak into the house, ready to have some bondage fun at their expense!

Clair Vs Charlotte
Femme Fight
21st Jul 2005

Clair takes on Charlotte in what turns out to be quite a lengthy and brutal glamour girl catfight. These girls like inflicting pain and pulling each others hair, ripping each others clothing off gives us all a great catfight picture set. The loser is humiliated by having to kiss the victors foot..

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