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Air Hostess

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Air Hostess
Damsels in Peril
12th Mar 2020

The irritated customer want seating, she is late boarding and she feels she has been let down rather badly by the duty manager of the airline front of desk staff. She storms into her office determined to get a resolution and to get boarded as soon as possible, whatever it takes

Air Hostess
Damsels in Peril
17th May 2019

Air Hostess Kay has just finished work and after a long flight, she is finally back home but it seems she has walked into some sort of trap. The intruder needs the Air Hostess uniform to gain access to the secure areas of the airport. This will help her get much closer to her unsuspecting target

Air Hostess
Damsels in Peril
7th Apr 2018

The newly appointed Air Hostess is in a really happy mood, she has just been told her flight today is to Hong Kong but her house mate didn't get the job and now she has to put up with Zoe's boasting about her new air hostess job and the fact that she is traveling to places all over the world

Air Hostess
Femme Fight
27th Sep 2012

Air Hostess Antia was one for sticking to the rules and when an unruly passenger attempts to board the plane after the gate is closed, Antia bluntly refuses. The passenger sees no other way other than forcing her way through

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