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Apartment Catfight

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Apartment Catfight
Femme Fight
14th Feb 2007

Sammie and Ariel Anderssen have a score to settle over who has rights to the limited parking spaces outside. Ariel tries to settle the argument verbally, hoping that it doesn't erupt into a full scale catfight. Sammie, however is tired of Ariel's bitching and moaning and decides to try and shut her up once and for all!

Apartment Catfight
Femme Fight
3rd May 2006

Fi Stevens and Laula are sharing an apartment together but they dont exactly get on that well and they both try their best to annoy each other in small and bitchy ways. Fi decides to wear Laula's clothing without asking her, and when Laula finds out, she's determined to make Fi pay as she sets about ripping the clothing staright off, pulling her hair and hell bent on humilating Fi.

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