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Office Catfight

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Office Catfight
Femme Fight
16th Feb 2021

Office Boss Siobhan Graves has called in her wayward employee, Imogen James. Imogen's performance has left a lot to be desired of late and it seems Siobhan, as her line manager, has to take action. Perhaps the only way Imogen would learn her lesson would be with getting the sack

Office Catfight
Femme Fight
6th Feb 2018

It seems Office worker Brook Logan has missed out on promotion once again and this time to the stupid woman, Chloe Toy. Brook sotrms into the office waving the memo telling of Chloe's promotion around demanding to know whats going on and how Chloe got the job..perhaps by flashing her slip!

Office Catfight
Femme Fight
14th Mar 2007

Secretary Sam H spills water all over Lucy B's suit and simply laughs it off. Lucy is furious and sees red at the way Sam is laughing at her. She's determined to get Sam back and when Sam pops out, Lucy cuts a piece of her suit jacket off, using it to clear up the mess. That will teach the stupid bitch...but when Sam returns, all hell breaks lose and the catfight is on!

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