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Tiny Fetish Fun

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Tammie Lee
Tiny Fetish Fun
28th Dec 2012

Tammie Lee is ready for bed and she's looking fowards to spending some time with her special bed friends. She discovers they have escaped, she must, simply must find them.

Heidi Bush
Tiny Fetish Fun
24th Dec 2012

Heidi Bush is such a Giantess compared to the occupants of the tiny cars that are roaming at her feet. She could crush them in a moment shoul she wish but perhaps she will just tease them for a while

Jade Victoria
Tiny Fetish Fun
21st Dec 2012

WRAF Officer Jade Victoria is on the phone to her commanding officer, giving him the good news that the "Experiment Shrinkage" had gone according to plan, the question was what to do with the subjects of the experiment

Tiny Fetish Fun
17th Dec 2012

Beautiful Giantess Karlolina is on all fours, her face close to the flor, searching ruthlessly for her friends, her tiny, small friends. She knows they are there, now just to round them up

Kelli Smith
Tiny Fetish Fun
14th Dec 2012

Evil office bitch boss Kelli Smith has shrunken her sullen, lazy employees. Now they were completely at her mercy and she was going to punish them..permanently

Kiana Kraze
Tiny Fetish Fun
10th Dec 2012

Kiana Kraze accidentally crushes a group of tiny people she never even knew existed or that they were there, it's a stupid place to be, on the carpet when you are so tiny but Kiana is interested in her find and makes sure she enjoys her playtime

Samantha Bentley
Tiny Fetish Fun
7th Dec 2012

Samantha Bentley is enjoying a bowl of her favorite ice cream when she notices her delicious dessert has been invaded by a group of shrunken people, all eager to get a taste but since they are so desperate, samantha decides to enjoy them as well

Elsie Porter
Tiny Fetish Fun
3rd Dec 2012

Brunette Giantess Elsie Porter is on the hunt, she knows they are there, it's juts a question of finding them, and when she does, she intends to have some fun with them

Abigail Toyne
Tiny Fetish Fun
30th Nov 2012

Beautiful Giantess Abigail Toyne was getting ready for her big day when she discovers her tiny friends all over her wedding dress. They want to come to her big day as well and the only way Abigail can think of to transport them safely is in her knickers

Katalina Reddin
Tiny Fetish Fun
26th Nov 2012

Gorgeous Katalina is shocked to find her cereal is being eaten by a group of tiny people, she accidentally ate one and when she looks closer, they are all over her cereal, there must be more..but where..

Chloe Dee
Tiny Fetish Fun
23rd Nov 2012

Office boss Chloe Dee takes out her anger from a failed deal on the group of shrunken people she has secretly kept at work, they are tiny, small and helpless so there will be no comeback after all..

Tiny Fetish Fun
19th Nov 2012

Beautiful blonde housewife Poppy is preparing herself a sandwich but is horrified to find her lunch has been invaded by a bunch of tiny people, how on earth has this happened?

Kelly Scarlet
Tiny Fetish Fun
16th Nov 2012

Gorgeous, buxom, Kely Scarlet is on the hunt for her work collegues, a bunch of very tiny guys that secretly she had doing her work for her..well she had discovered them...and they had to pay

Kelly Fox
Tiny Fetish Fun
12th Nov 2012

Beautiful blonde Giantess kelly Fox welcomes the tiny guys into her bed, it's something novel and new but inserting these helpless creatures into herself is giving her a sensation she will never forget

Chelsey Louise
Tiny Fetish Fun
8th Nov 2012

Blonde Giantess Chelsey Louise discovers her computer has been invaded as tiny guys crowd all over her keyboard. It's an interesting situation and one that she can enjoy completely

Karen Wood
Tiny Fetish Fun
5th Nov 2012

Giantess Karen Wood is rather pleased having such a loyal and adoring fan base in her tiny followers, they are there for her every need, to be used as she wants and even devoured if she wishes

Ashleigh McKenzie
Tiny Fetish Fun
2nd Nov 2012

McKenzie is sleeping on the sofa in her panties when she gets an urge and starts feeling horny, something or someone is in her knickers playing with her and she's enjoying every minute of it

Tiny Fetish Fun
29th Oct 2012

Aaliyha Johnson has some special sweets, delicious little things they are, tiny, shrunken guys, kept in her little snack pot waiting to be crushed and devoured by their beautiful giantess

Penny Lee
Tiny Fetish Fun
26th Oct 2012

Beautiful, Blonde Giantess Penny Lee is on the hunt, she knows there ar people living in her apartment, tiny people she suspects, and she would like to find them, she's determined to find them and then to punish the

Hayley Marie
Tiny Fetish Fun
22nd Oct 2012

Bitchy office giantess Hayley Marie has caught one of her collegues in the act, attempting to lift secure passcodes from the office computer. just as well she has a way of shrinking such offendors allowing her to then dominate and crush them

Tiny Fetish Fun
19th Oct 2012

Beautiful Blonde Giantess Toni deliberately almost stands on us with her high heels. She like seeing us dominated by her shoes and feet and threatens to crush us at any moment

Scarlet Lovatt
Tiny Fetish Fun
15th Oct 2012

Giantess Scarlet Lovatt is having anger issues and her visit to the Chinese herbalist has provided an interesting solution, he provided her with a packet of shrunken people to crush and devour

Victoria Summers
Tiny Fetish Fun
12th Oct 2012

Blonde Giantess Victoria Summers has brought out her box that contains all her captive tiny people, but when she normally does this, it's because she fancies domination, crushing and devouring them

Cindy Read
Tiny Fetish Fun
8th Oct 2012

Giantess Cindy Read wakes in a rather horny mood. It feels like tingling on her breasts, nipples and her clitoris, as she moves her hand downwards and opens up her satin gown, she has groups of tiny guys all over has to be a dream

Laura K
Tiny Fetish Fun
5th Oct 2012

Office secretary Laura K is hard at work, her department is extremely quiet as it seems most of the other jerks who work there have failed to attend, probably some lads night out last night and now they all have hangovers..

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