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Damsels in Peril

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Jen Bailey
Damsels in Peril
20th Oct 2020

Office secretary Jen Bailey has had to be called into the office yet again by her manager Rebecca Leah. It seems that Jen is not dressing appropriately and even today, she has a few too many buttons of her blouse unbuttoned and even worse, she is not wearing a bra so it does need to be addressed and quickly

Damsels in Peril
14th Oct 2020

Nurse Maxine is taking health checks and triage today and when she calls the next appointment in and asks her what she can do for her today. The patient, Ms Graves answer shocks her as her reply is that she needs the nurses uniform. The nurse thinks she's fooling around but clearly she isn't and Ms Graves becomes a nurse

Frankie Babe
Damsels in Peril
8th Oct 2020

Frankie Babe looks ready to leave for her evening out and she is just waiting for the taxi which is due in 10 minutes time. She is wearing a short, black, off the shoulder evening dress and the outfit looks great on her though she'll soon be stripping out of it, not that she knows that

ENF Crowd Control
Damsels in Peril
2nd Oct 2020

WPC Sophia Smith is doing an interview with a local TV station about the modern methods of crowd control policing. At hearing the news, a crowd of rowdy locals have gathered outside giving the officer a perfect opportunity to demonstrate her methods

Sophia Smith
Damsels in Peril
26th Sep 2020

She was the last interviewee of the day, which was surprising, as she was one of the first to arrive and now with the office beginning to empty, she wandered if they had forgotten about her...they hadn't, they just needed it do much quieter

Baby Dolliy
Damsels in Peril
20th Sep 2020

Baby Dolliy & Helen Stephens are both waiting for their interviews and whilst Helen is trying to mind her own business, reading a magazine whilst she waits, the noise Baby Dolliy is making as she sits there playing with her tongue piercing is driving her crazy though

Damsels in Peril
14th Sep 2020

Brunette Roxee Coture has bought herself a pair of cuffs and she is in the mood for some self experimentation so she strips herself nude and then handcuffs her feet to the end of the bed metal frame, then her hands to the top but as she closes the last cuff around her wrist, she realizes she is not in reach of the key!

Gabriella Knight
Damsels in Peril
8th Sep 2020

The new Police Officer Gabriella Knight was keen to impress and there was an easy way to do that. Over the weeks she had learned to take a few short cuts to getting the job done..and background checks of those she was interviewing took time..soo..

Helen Stephens
Damsels in Peril
2nd Sep 2020

Office manager Baby Dolliy is getting a little fed up with one of her employees, Helen Stephens. It just seems that Helen doesn't get it, she should come to work dressed modestly and once again, Helen has come to work in a mini skirt, a lesson needs to be taught

Honour May
Damsels in Peril
27th Aug 2020

The brunette with the perfect body, Honour May, had gotten her promotion using various tactics, not the least of which is by using her charms and no doubt sleeping her way to the top and now in her position of power, she was able to give the pervy maintenance man a dressing down

Damsels in Peril
21st Aug 2020

Roxee Coture is fed up with her lazy flat mate. At first she thought it would be a good idea to help pay the monthly bills and he had seemed ok when she interviewed him but he has turned out to be a lazy pig and all he wants to do all day is watch Television, he had to go

Lucy Lauren
Damsels in Peril
15th Aug 2020

Lucy Lauren is looking at herself in the mirror, she thinks she looks wonderful in her polka dot red and white dress and when Gabriella Knight asks her why she is so dressed up, Lucy boasts she has a date with a guy, much to Gabriella's annoyance as she also fancies the same guy..

Honour May
Damsels in Peril
9th Aug 2020

Miss May was getting married today and her long time gardener took the decision that he would take advantage of the situation. her Ladyship was putting the final touches to her wedding dress and admiring herself in the mirror, she was alone and this was his chance

Helen Stephens
Damsels in Peril
3rd Aug 2020

Rebecca Leah and Helen Stephens have an issue. It seems someone is taking Rebecca's clothing and she feels that Helen Stephens must involved in this. She started renting a room to Helen Stephens a short while ago and now it seems things are going missing, it cant continue

Damsels in Peril
28th Jul 2020

Office Boss Jodie Ellen has called in her wayward employee, Poppy. Poppy's performance has left a lot to be desired of late and it seems Jodie, as her line manager, has to take action. Perhaps the only way Poppy would learn her lesson would be with some humiliation

Charlie Monaco
Damsels in Peril
22nd Jul 2020

Jess West has a surprise for Charlie Monaco and she invites the buxom blonde into the bedroom. Both girls are ready for bed and are wearing short strap top satin chemises but Jess has a plan for Charlie that is going to involve a bit of handcuff experimentation. The next thing Charlie knows is she is cuffed to the bed, helpless

Jodie Ellen
Damsels in Peril
16th Jul 2020

The two best friends had found themselves in different colleges, Jodie Ellen was in a much more prestigious establishment and in a way, whilst Poppy was her best friend, she couldn't help smirking just a little that she was better than her..for now at least

Jess West
Damsels in Peril
10th Jul 2020

A bottle of Charlie Monaco's perfume has been broken and there is only one other person she can think of that would have at access to it. Her so called best friend Jess West so it must have been her that caused it and what's more infuriating is that she hasn't even apologies or owned up. It was time to teach her a lesson

Siobhan Graves
Damsels in Peril
4th Jul 2020

Siobhan is just checking her makeup before she goes out when she notices a slight movement outside the corner of her eye. Before she can react, she realizes that there may be trouble ahead. The next thing she knows, she is in her bedroom, bound and gagged with some strange guy touching her breasts

Louise Lee
Damsels in Peril
28th Jun 2020

Sapphire Blue and Louise Lee are close friends, close enough to have moved in together to share a place and split the bills. That doesn't mean that they have to share everything and when Sapphire asks to borrow Louise's car, she gets met with a flat out no. It's just as well sapphire has come prepared

Air Hostess Hold Up
Damsels in Peril
22nd Jun 2020

The two Air Hostesses were taking some time out, catching up on a quick chat before they had to go their separate ways on different flight though they didn't bargain for losing their uniforms

Damsels in Peril
16th Jun 2020

The college tutor, Lana Harding, had just about had enough of her surly new student, Elle Hunter who seemed to think that the rules did not apply to her in any way, shape or form. It was time to bring her new student into line and that would mean confronting the problem head on and leaving the student in no doubt as to who was in charge

Damsels in Peril
10th Jun 2020

Sharing a flat was a bad idea for the two newly appointed nurses. It seems Ross enjoyed going out and so she was always a little short of cash so when she sees an opportunity to go through Rachel's bedside draw, where she knows Rachel hides her savings, it seems like fool proof plan..

Officer Cuffed
Damsels in Peril
4th Jun 2020

Officer Sapphire Blue is new on the job and as she sits there, in her police uniform, you get the feeling she doesn't take her position seriously, after all, the only reason she applied was to wear the sexy uniform, the blouse and the black mini skirt with a pair of very high black heels..ideal for our victim!

Damsels in Peril
29th May 2020

The two office temps had been at each others throats for most of their time working together. they knew only one of them would get promotion and when one hears that the other is a shoe in for the job, she explodes. Clearly 'the other' redhead had been up to no good, flirting with the boss

ENF Overwhelming Temptation
Damsels in Peril
23rd May 2020

Senior Officer Sophia Smith was giving the petty criminals at HMP Strangemoor a presentation. Perhaps some knowledge as to why they had committed their crimes and some understanding of how they could control the urges that drove them would be a helpful learning curve to these low lives. This was Sophia's moment to shine as she stands in front of them all as well as a live online audience

Elle Hunter
Damsels in Peril
17th May 2020

The housewife wasn't exactly happy with the quality of the work and the surly workman was beginning to annoy her. Clearly his work below standard and it was in fact quite poor so she has no option but to refuse payment and call his office to speak to his manager...if only she was able to it could prove tricky

Lexi Love
Damsels in Peril
11th May 2020

The two blondes look all dressed up for the prom but only one of them can go it seems and when they find out that only one of them has an invite, the girl that is without works out a plan and decides to take out her rival in order for her to take her place. Having subdued her, she makes extra sure by hog tying and gagging her victim

Morgan M
Damsels in Peril
5th May 2020

The two friends had recently become flat mates as it made sense. They worked in the same office and it just seemed to fit. But soon after they move in together, cracks start to appear in the their relationship and Kate Star is getting more and more annoyed at Morgan M's cavalier attitude to using her makeup

Charlie Monaco
Damsels in Peril
29th Apr 2020

Jodie Ellen has taken a shine to the black strap high heels that Charlie Monaco is wearing and she is desperate to borrow them. She nervously approaches Charlie to ask if she can borrow them but she suspects Charlie may refuse so it's just as well she has a plan B. She really tries to do things the nice way but Charlie is proving rather stubborn and Jodie really does want to borrow the heels

ENF A WPC Investigates
Damsels in Peril
23rd Apr 2020

The Police Officer had a hunch she knew which building The Mulligan Gang was operating out of. It was 15 Canterbury Street and on passing the commercial property, noticed the door left slight ajar. It seems the gang had left the door open in their haste and this was an opportune moment for the WPC to get some evidence of their activities

Lucy Cuffed
Damsels in Peril
17th Apr 2020

She had been in a deep sleep when the intruder had gained access so was completely unaware of their approach. They looked at her laying there and slowly lifted the hem of her slip to reveal her panties before sliding off the slip she was wearing and then her knickers. She wakes then to find herself stripped naked and cuffed and ball-gagged

College Girl
Damsels in Peril
11th Apr 2020

Having to discipline errant students was something that college head Emma Rose enjoyed. Seeing their faces when she had caught them out and then explaining to them that they needed to be punished, humiliated and perhaps more and then to see their shock when she actually starts to do as she warned

Liz Rainbow
Damsels in Peril
5th Apr 2020

Air Hostess Liz rainbow is working late on the flight schedules and finds herself the last on in the office. She feels rather unnerved by a suspicious sound and decides it may be best for her to get going but has she left it a little to late? She will find out soon enough but I bet she has!

Damsels in Peril
30th Mar 2020

Busty brunette Gabriella Knight is in the mood for a little experimentation as she strips out of her blouse and short black mini skirt. She then takes off her stockikngs and satin panties before beginning to handcuff herself, her ankles are cuffed first and then she cuffs her wrists and wrap the chain through securing her completely..

Damsels in Peril
24th Mar 2020

Office colleague Alicia is a little annoyed that the new employee, Dolliiy has stolen her idea about the new office flyers and it seems she has taken all the credit. Alicia is a little annoyed at how brazen Dolliiy has been and decides to confront her about the whole situation..but Dolliiy isn't taking her seriously

Office Takedown
Damsels in Peril
18th Mar 2020

The office boss had had enough. The maintenance man was always late when attending calls and it seems he is late this time having spent most of his afternoon in the pub. It's just not good enough and she yells at him, frustrated with his lack of urgency or care. He does care though, passionately, just about different things

Air Hostess
Damsels in Peril
12th Mar 2020

The irritated customer want seating, she is late boarding and she feels she has been let down rather badly by the duty manager of the airline front of desk staff. She storms into her office determined to get a resolution and to get boarded as soon as possible, whatever it takes

Tutor Terror
Damsels in Peril
6th Mar 2020

Valentina Bianco had a reputation that had followed her from her last college. She just couldn't help herself and found herself drawn to touch the other students boobs, especially if they had big boobs and there had been several complaints. It was time for her tutor, Frankie, to have a word...

Sophia'S Distress
Damsels in Peril
29th Feb 2020

Sophia Smith and Siobhan Graves have shared a place for a while now and the fact that they work at the same place is causing some problems. It seems Sophia has stolen her so called best friends idea about making improvements at work and now Sophia has been given a promotion..

Damsels in Peril
23rd Feb 2020

The cheerleader was taken by surprise. She had just gotten home from practice and had no idea who was lurking at home for her. The intruder had broken in knowing the the beautiful young women lived alone and he had hoped to escape with a decent stash as well as, if he was lucky, an eyeful of the cheerleader in a state of undress

Valentina Bianco
Damsels in Peril
17th Feb 2020

Frankie Babe and Valentina Bianco had been house sharing for a while now and Frankie was starting to get fed up with Valentina's bad habits, such as putting her smelly, sweaty feet all over Frankie when they were relaxing in the lounge. Frankie has had enough and tells Valentina to stop

Damsels in Peril
11th Feb 2020

College tutor Siobhan Graves is very upset and disappointed in her new student, Sophia Smith,, who doesn't seem to be taking anything, especially her after class extra lessons, seriously. Its time Sophia was brought down a peg or two, time she realised that her tutor was no walk over..time to...

Nurse Promotion
Damsels in Peril
5th Feb 2020

Nurse Helen Stephens was super shocked to hear that Maxine, who she had trained, had now been promoted above her. How did that happen? Surely Helen was in front of her when it came to dishing out pay rises and position promotions but perhaps Maxine had been using other skills to grab the bosses attention

Air Hostess Handcuffed
Damsels in Peril
30th Jan 2020

Having just returned home from a rather busy long haul flight, Air Hostess Kate Star was pleased to be home as she entered her front room. At last, time to relax..or so she thought as moments later she finds herself in a spot of distress

Nurse Steal
Damsels in Peril
24th Jan 2020

It came out of the blue. The nurse had apologized to the patient for the delay in her appointment time but it seems there was nothing she could do to bring the anger down a level. It seemed that she may be in a spot of both as the patient became more agitated

Kate Star
Damsels in Peril
18th Jan 2020

Redhead Kate Star has just gotten home from work and as she walks into the kitchen, she is completely unaware of the intruder lurking. When she wakes to find herself stripped, bound and gagged, she finds it difficult to understand how she ended up in this position

Nurse Roxee Steal
Damsels in Peril
12th Jan 2020

The prisoner has to undergo a medical before her prison transfer is processed. As everything, where an opportunity presents it self, it would be criminal not to take it. This new nurse is clearly an easy target for the taking and may just be the ticket out that the prisoner needs

Police Steal
Damsels in Peril
6th Jan 2020

The Police Officer had only recently passed all her exams and was new ion the force. She had been allocated to looking after the prisoners in the cells, an easy job for a rookie and one that should ease her into a life in uniform or perhaps not as her prisoner Katie Lou intended

Damsels in Peril
31st Dec 2019

The two twin sisters both had reasonably good jobs. One was an air hostess and the other a senior nurse but it seems the nurse sister had been up to no good. She had stolen some drugs from the secure locker, it had been going on for some time and now, she had been discovered. she needed an out and her twin could provide it

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